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7- and 10.1-inch solutions by Riverdi – STM32 Embedded Displays series

We offer products by Polish manufacturer Riverdi, which are all-in-one displays capable of hosting all the visuals of any device that requires top visual computing performance. The STM32 Embedded Displays are industrial-grade LCD-TFT panels based on the STM32H757XIH6 MCU by STMicroelectronics, the well-established European microcontroller manufacturer. Thanks to the modularity of Riverdi’s offermany off-the-shelf options are available, such as touch panels and mounting frames. It is also possible to customize most of the components of the module to precisely meet the needs of the end users of the device. 

The Riverdi STM32 Embedded Display is a series of 7- and 10.1-inch (5-inch coming soon) all-in-one solutions perfect for HMI devices. These modules are designed to meet most hardware and programming challenges faced by engineers. They are user-friendly in programming, intuitive in designing GUI, and straightforward in prototyping. Thanks to the open architecture, they can  autonomously handle a wide range of tasks set by designers. The Riverdi STM32 Embedded Displays series is more than just a set of products – it is an ecosystem based on three essentials:

  • the industrial-quality components
  • the computing power and versatility of the STM32H7 double-core microcontroller,
  • the technical support, free MCU programming software, and code libraries.

Key features of Riverdi STM32 Embedded Displays:

  • IPS LCD-TFT with full viewing angles,
  • high resolution (1280×800 or 1024×600 px),
  • high brightness (up to 1000 cd/m2),
  • industrial capacitive touch panel (PCAP) with ILITEK controller,
  • modern frame design – Riverdi uxTouch,
  • all interfaces of STM32H7,
  • power and efficiency of STM32H7 microcontroller based on Arm® architecture,
  • low emission of electromagnetic interferences (EMI).

The Riverdi team designed the STM32 Embedded Displays series to make connecting and programming the module as easy as possible, which is especially crucial in the prototyping phase. A number of connectors and interfaces are available: CAN FD, RS232, RS485, USB, universal interface connector (adapters for I2C, UART, USART, SPI, USB, PWM, DAC, ADC), SWD (for STM32 and QSPI programming), DRV2605L (for haptics), and RiBUS (for connecting more Riverdi displays to the STM32 – also the ones from the EVE4 series).

The modularity of the STM32 Embedded Displays series

Riverdi relies on the modularity of its display series, which means that the final product can be freely customized within selected parameters. Therefore, there is no need to adapt the device design to display models with limited features. The customer can tailor the display to the final requirements.

The Riverdi team cares about top-level design as much as about performance. For example, uxTouch, the modern design of the display bezel and housing, is a solution that avoids holes in the housing. Such design improves the installation process, reduces the exposure to dirt and dust, and upgrades the overall look-and-feel.

Below, we present the parameters for four examples of Riverdi STM32 Embedded Displays series products:

resolution1024 x 600 px1080 x 800 px1024 x 600 px1080 x 800 px
active area154.21 (H) × 85.92 (V) mm216.96 (H) × 135.60 (V) mm154.21 (H) × 85.92 (V) mm216.96 (H) × 135.60 (V) mm
brightness850 cd/m2850 cd/m21000 cd/m21000 cd/m2
viewing angles85°/85°/85°/85° (IPS)85°/85°/85°/85° (IPS)85°/85°/85°/85° (IPS)85°/85°/85°/85° (IPS)
outline dimensions179.96 x 119.0 x 20.5 mm257.96 × 168.60 × 15.50 mm181.60 x 100.60 x 19.15 mm246.66 x 151.30 x 14.88 mm
operating temperature-20~+70°C-20~+70°C-20~+70°C-20~+70°C
LED lifetime50 000 h50 000 h50 000 h50 000 h
touch panelyes, capacitiveyes, capacitivenono
bonding typeopticaloptical

All mentioned displays are ROHS compliant.

What is the STM32?

STM32 is a powerful 32-bit microcontroller that can handle the entire device, including high resolution display support. STM32 is known for its best-in-class performance, broad integration capability, and energy efficiency.

Thanks to STMicroelectronics technology, engineers, programmers, and designers working with the Riverdi STM32 Embedded Displays series can take advantage of free libraries and software such as STM32CubeMX, STM32CubeIDE, STM32CubeProgrammer, STM32CubeMonitor, and TouchGFX Designer.

TouchGFX Designer is a free GUI-builder optimized for Riverdi STM32 Embedded Displays. It offers an advanced software framework and ready-to-use solution to design stunning GUI for STM32 microcontrollers by STMicroelectronics. It enables user-friendly GUI design in a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) method and automatic code generation. TouchGFX makes GUI development easy, covering everything from design sketches to final products. Thanks to Riverdi and STMicroelectronics cooperation, there is full TouchGFX support for Riverdi STM32 Embedded Displays. Riverdi demo projects and presets are implemented directly in TouchGFX.

The main benefits of using TouchGFX with Riverdi products include cost and time saving in prototyping, therefore reduced time-to-market.

The application of the STM32 Embedded Displays series

With great optical parameters, such as high brightness (up to 1000 cd/m2), the Riverdi STM32 Embedded Displays are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Exemplary applications:

  • HMI (Human Machine Interface) solutions, e.g., industrial control devices,
  • Smart Home/Smart Office/IoT solutions, e.g., building parameters control panels,
  • automotive solutions, e.g., EV charging stations.

Riverdi products feature low levels of generated electromagnetic interference. As a result, these products meet the expectations of the most demanding customers for equipment with specific EMI requirements, such as the medical or military industries.

Want to make sure that these models will be the best solution for the device you are designing? Contact us – our team will help you find the best solution for your device.


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