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Unisystem among the winners of Forbes Diamonds 2023

The annual ranking by the editors of Forbes recognizes the most dynamically growing companies in Poland. Among the Forbes Diamonds 2023 winners was Unisystem.

In recent years, we have met all our targets in terms of turnover achieved, even despite the difficulties faced by the electronics industry. In 2022, for two companies in our group, namely Unisystem and Riverdi, turnover totaled PLN 140 million.

We would not have achieved this without our employees. Their daily work, motivation to take on the toughest technological challenges, going beyond the beaten track, as well as the continuous development of competence, make up the success of our companies – says Slawomir Szweda, president of Unisystem.

Plans for 2023 are equally ambitious – although we take into account expert forecasts that do not necessarily favor the electronics industry. Among the factors destabilizing the area are the uncertain geopolitical situation, as well as the expected energy crisis. At the same time, many entrepreneurs are counting on Poland obtaining funds from the National Reconstruction Plan, which should have a positive impact on the recovery of the Polish economy as a stimulus to undertake postponed investments.

In 2023, in addition to aiming for another record turnover, we will focus on further developing our services. We see that customers are increasingly willing to use the bonding optical bonding, also known as optical bonding. So far, it has been available in our offer, but we want it to eventually become a standard, rather than an additional asset of the information visualization solutions we produce – says Kamil Kozlowski, vice president of Unisystem.

We believe that in the following years we will also be among 💎 Forbes Diamonds 💎 See Unisystem’s presentation in the Forbes Diamonds 2023 album: https://www.forbes.pl/diamenty/wizytowki/2023/unisystem-sila-tkwi-w-kompetencjach/y52xlx3.


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