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ET011TT6 – a classic round EPD by E Ink

Unisystem offers many kinds of e-paper displays. In addition to regular solutions in standard shapes and formats, you can also find the round model ET011TT6 by E Ink, suitable for, e.g., wearable devices.  

Model ET011TT6 is a round 1.1-inch Electronic Paper Display (EPD) with a resolution of 240×240 px, displaying content in four shades of gray (2 bits). The active area diameter is 27.96 mm, with the module’s outer dimensions of 31.8(W) x 34.6(H) x 0.54(D) mm. Currently, e-paper solutions are willingly applied in consumer products. Besides e-readers, there are smartphones in which LCD or OLED technology is replaced by an EPD equivalent. On top of that, those e-paper modules come equipped with a touchscreen feature. The same goes for the ET011TT6 model, which also fits in, e.g., smartwatches.  

Advantages of e-paper technology

Compared to other data visualization technologies, EPD displays are unique for: 

  • energy efficiency – e-paper displays do not require backlighting to sustain the content presented on the screen and energy is consumed only when the images are changing;  
  • excellent readability – e-paper technology is similar to the effects of traditional printing, which means that if provided with an external light source, the content displayed on the screen will be perfectly readable from every plane, just like the printed paper sheet;  
  • compactness – e-paper displays are slim (for the discussed model, it is only 0.54 mm) and extremely lightweight (in this case – 0.83±0.08 g).  

The table presents the basic parameters of the ET011TT6 model:

parameter model: ET011TT6 
size  1.1″ 
resolution 240×240 px 
interface  SPI 
active area  Ф27.96 mm 
outer dimensions  31.8(W) x 34.6(H) x 0.54(D) mm 
weight 0.83±0.08 g 
operating temperature 0-50°C 

E-paper displays applications

Apart from consumer-grade devices, other fields are emerging in which e-paper displays are implemented. One of the industries is retail – while shopping, we increasingly come across small EPD price tags. Then, larger-in-size EPD solutions are becoming popular in transportation as timetables (such as USEC and USEM models designed by Unisystem). In both cases, going digital helps in the automation of content and media management – images can be modified instantly by updating the data in the online system without involving an on-site team of employees. 

Would you like to confirm that the ET011TT6 will work well in your application? Contact us, we will answer any questions you may have 😊  


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