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Passion. Development. Technology.

We are a distributor of displays and touch panels and a provider of complete information visualization solutions. In our projects, we use screens in the technologies preferred by the client (including OLED, LCD TFT, EPD). With our experience and specialization in optoelectronics, we have expertise in component selection, integration and implementation, and component design.

June 1995

Establishing a company

Establishment of the company with headquarters at ul. Black Manor 8, Gdansk.

February 2002

Relocation to an office building

Relocating to the Company House office building on Company Street. Grunwaldzka 212, Gdansk.

November 2005


Establishing cooperation with Winstar

December 2008

Obtaining a certificate

Obtaining ISO9001-2008 certification.

October 2010

Creation of an R&D department

Establish R&D department, start designing displays and supporting components.

November 2011


Unisystem official representative of Litemax company

December 2011


Unisystem official representative of AMT company

July 2012

Enlarge product range

Adding products from Samsung, LG, AUO, Innolux, BOE to permanent offerings.

April 2014


Unisystem official representative of DFI company

June 2015

Change of legal form

Change of legal form to a limited liability company.

July 2015

New Headquarters

The move to the new headquarters at ul. Nowy Świat 36, Gdansk.

October 2015

Implementation of a WMS system

Implementation of a WMS system for warehouse management.

December 2015


Building a cleanroom where displays and touch panels are assembled.

October 2016


A showroom will be created for the presentation and testing of the solutions offered.

January 2017


Launch of official partnership with E Ink

February 2018

Embedded World

Unisystem exhibits at Embedded World

April 2019

All-in-one (HMI)

Start of production of customized all-in-ones (HMIs)

September 2020


Reconstruction and modernization of the Cleanroom

January 2021

Company headquarters

Expansion of the company’s headquarters

Our Sign Book

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Reliable company

Unisystem Sp. z o.o. is a participant in the Reliable Company program, within the framework of which Reliability Certificates are awarded to entrepreneurs. The initiative is carried out under the auspices of the National Debt Register BIG S.A.

Any company that wants to objectively document its credibility and integrity with business partners can join the program. The condition for receiving a Certificate of Reliability is positive verification in the database of the National Debtor Register BIG S.A., confirming the absence of unpaid liabilities.

For more information about the Reliable Company program: https://en.krd.pl

Certificate to download here .

ISO 9001

Certificate to download here .

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