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Round 1.28-inch LCD-TFT displays from Winstar

Round 1.28-inch LCD-TFT displays from Winstar

Unisystem offers two round 1.28-inch LCD-TFT displays released by Winstar (WF0128BTYAA4DNN0 and WF0128BTYAA4DNF10). These models are excellent choice for consumer electronics, e.g., coffee machines, AV and household products, or computer accessories.  

When reaching for consumer electronics, we expect it to be functional as well as aesthetic. Designers often like to add unusual touch to make their product stand out from the crowd. In devices with a display, one can use solutions with non-standard screen shapes. One of those is a round display, shape nowadays available in all display technologies – not only the LCD-TFT discussed here, but also EPDs, like the round 1.1-inch E Ink

H2 Parameters of WF0128BTYAA4DNN0 and WF0128BTYAA4DNF10 models 

The WF0128BTYAA4DNN0 and WF0128BTYAA4DNF10 models are both round 1.28-inch LCD-TFT displays with a resolution of 240×240 px, brightness at 400 cd/m2 (for WF0128BTYAA4DNN0) and 320 cd/m2 (for WF0128BTYAA4DNF10), a contrast ratio of 1000:1, and full viewing angles – 80°/80°/80°/80°. Communication in both models takes place using the SPI interface (learn more about the SPI interface). 

The main difference between those two models is that one of them (WF0128BTYAA4DNF10) is equipped with a capacitive touch panel (CPT). The image is displayed on a 32.40×32.40 mm screen size; the dimensions of the entire display module are 35.60 x 37.74 x 1.56 mm for WF0128BTYAA4DNN0 and 50.20 x 50.20 x 3.99 mm for WF0128BTYAA4DNF10.  

The table below presents the main parameters of the WF0128BTYAA4DNN0 and WF0128BTYAA4DNF10 models: 

parameter WF0128BTYAA4DNN0 model WF0128BTYAA4DNF10 model 
size  1.28” 1.28” 
resolution 240×240 px 240×240 px 
active area 32.40×32.40 mm 32.40×32.40 mm 
brightness 400 cd/m2 320 cd/m2 
contrast 1000:1 1000:1 
viewing angles 80°/80°/80°/80° 80°/80°/80°/80° 
interface SPI SPI 
outer dimensions 35.60 x 37.74 x 1.56 mm 50.20 x 50.20 x 3.99 mm 
backlight LED LED 
LED life time 20 000 h 20 000 h 
operating temperature  -20~70°C -20~70°C 
touch panel no yes, capacitive 

Applications for WF0128BTYAA4DNN0 and WF0128BTYAA4DNF10 

The wide operating temperature range of both models opens an entire range of possibilities for their use in end devices. The round shape suggests compact industrial applications – in meters, gauges, wearable devices. Additionally, the manufacturer recommends using the WF0128BTYAA4DNN0 and WF0128BTYAA4DNF10 models in smart home devices, in gastronomy (coffee machines), AV and household equipment, or in computer accessories. A wide range of consumer wearable devices can be added to this list, such as smartwatches. 

Nearly all abovementioned devices are installed in locations with fairly predictable conditions, including not too intense ambient light. Content presented on WF0128BTYAA4DNN0 and WF0128BTYAA4DNF10 – thanks to their optical parameters (resolution, brightness, contrast, and wide viewing angles) – will be perfectly readable from almost any viewing position. 

Will these models work in the device you are designing? Contact us – we will help you choose the best data visualization technology. 


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