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Easy-to-implement 10.1-inch LCD-TFT by Winstar


Recently a noteworthy Winstar’s WF101JSYFHLHBV has hit the market. It is a solution ready to be instantly implemented in the final device.

The WF101JSYFHLHBV is a 10.1-inch display with 1024×600 px resolution, a 16:9 aspect ratio, a capacitive touch panel and protective glass. The optical parameters make this module an ideal solution for indoor use. The on-screen content will be fully readable thanks to excellent brightness (850 cd/m2), contrast ratio (800:1), and viewing angles (85°/85°/85°/85°).

There are several useful elements placed on the PCB that goes with this model:

  • HDMI connector (a universal interface for video/audio transmission), which significantly simplifies the implementation process, especially compared to other interfaces (like RGB or LVDS) – just connect the devices via the HDMI cable;
  • GPIO connector (40 pins) to connect a Raspberry Pi computer (also the B model), which features various upgrades, such as the WiFi module.

The table below presents basic parameters of the WF101JSYFHLHBV model:

resolution1024 x 600 px
aspect ratio16:9
active area222.72 x 125.28 mm
brightness850 cd/m2
viewing angles85°/85°/85°/85°
outline dimensions235 x 143 x 27.96 mm
touch panelyes, capacitive
operating temperature-20~70°C

We recommend using the WF101JSYFHLHBV model in applications located in aisles and passageways in public spaces, such as medical centers and hospitals, train stations and airports, schools and government offices, retail stores and shopping malls. This display will perfectly fit devices such as information kiosks, vending machines, self-service cash registers, automated parcel machines (APMs), ticket machines and parking meters.

Still wondering whether this display will match your project? Contact us – together we will definitely find the perfect solution.


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