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Industrial Embedded Computers by Advantech – ARK Series

Industrial Embedded Computers by Advantech – ARK Series

On the Unisystem offer, there are not only displays, monitors, and touch panels, but also other equipment that is crucial to provide proper functioning of these components, e.g., industrial embedded computers. In this article, we present one of them – the ARK Series by Advantech.

The industrial embedded computers are adapted to operate in continuous mode – 24/7. You can use them even in harsh environments, e.g., in production halls, where at least a few factors may disturb electronics’ operation, such as dust and humidity, temperature fluctuations, or electromagnetic interference.

Each embedded computer of ARK Series by Advantech contains an enclosure, which makes them ready-to-use solutions – you only have to connect the devices and provide the power supply. What is more, the ARK Series are fanless, so they do not generate noises and air motions.

The variants of Advantech’s ARK Series

There are a few variants of ARK Series, e.g.:

1. ARK Ultra Rugged Series. These are rugged solutions, which are intended for transport applications. Among them, e.g., ARK-2250R, which fulfills the requirements of EN 50155 certificate.

2. ARK-1000 Series. A series of compact embedded computers will be optimal for limited dimensions solutions. It is, e.g., ARK-1220L of 53.5×158.0×114.0 mm dimension and non-extendible 1.2 kg weight (just to compare – the same parameters for mentioned ARK-2250A: dimensions – 260.0×73.0×160.2 mm, weight – 3.2 kg).

3. ARK-2000 Series and ARK-3000 Series. These are flexible solutions that can be easily adjusted to the applications’ requirements – they are endowed with various inputs and outputs and an expandable mini PCIe bus. Among them, e.g., ARK-2232L or ARK-3531.

It is worth noticing that embedded computers of ARK Series are adapted to both low and high temperatures, e.g., ARK-2250 of Ultra Rugged Series can operate from -40 up to 70°C; ARK-1220L of ARK-1000 Series between -30 and 70°C, ARK-2232L and ARK-3531 of ARK-2000 Series and ARK-3000 Series between -20 and 60 °C.

The usage of Advantech’s ARK Series

The industrial embedded computers by Advantech can be installed in a wide range of applications. However, the producer indicates a possible area of usage for each ARK series – you should take into account these recommendations to come up with an appropriate ARK’s model.

The ARK Ultra Rugged Series can be used not only in transport (e.g., in vehicles as a part of passenger information systems) but also in transport-related solutions (e.g., parking management systems or roadside surveillance systems). The embedded computers are also commonly used in IoT. In such solutions, the best choice is products of ARK-2000 Series and ARK-3000 Series. Due to the multiple inputs and outputs and the mini PCIe bus implemented in these series, you will be able to design an extended system of related devices. The compact solutions of ARK-1000 Series can be used in, e.g., kiosks or totems, which construction determines the components cumulations – all of them have to be installed inside the enclosure.

We can list other applications in which industrial embedded computers are used – these are, e.g., factories automation systems. In such solutions, you should consider embedded computers of the highest efficiency, e.g., ARK-3000 Series.

Get to know industrial computers on Unisystem’s offer – here. If there is no model that you are looking for – please contact us.


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