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37-inch LCDs by AUO

37-inch LCDs by AUO

The 37-inch P370IVN02.2, P370IVN03.1, and P370IVN04.0 LCDs by AUO can be count among PIDs (Public Information Displays). In the article, we indicate a few applications in which you can successfully use these solutions.

PID is a term that characterizes devices used to visualize information in public space – like in digital signage systems. These are, e.g., displays applied in passenger information systems intended to keep users of public transportation up to date about their journeys. These are, e.g., displays presenting timetables and route courses, screens installed in kiosks and totems, e.g., information points, ticket machines, or parking meters, as well as advertising media. Similar solutions are also applied in, e.g., retail, health services, education, HoReCa.

Almost the same parameters characterize P370IVN02.2, P370IVN03.1, and P370IVN04.0 – these are 37-inch LCDs of 1920×540 resolution; they have been designed to apply the LVDS interface. The critical difference is in brightness, which varies for each model: P370IVN02.2 – 700 cd/m2, P370IVN03.1 – 1 500 cd/m2, and P370IVN04.0 – 2 500 cd/m2; these are high brightness solutions that can be used in the intensely lighted spaces. What is more, they can operate in continuous mode – the LED lifetime has been specified at 70 000 h, so about eight years of non-stop functioning, 24/7. However, one parameter may be a limitation: the operating temperature has been estimated between 0 and 50°C.

We present the crucial parameters of P370IVN02.2, P370IVN03.1, and P370IVN04.0 in the table:

resolution1920×540 px1920×540 px1920×540 px
aspect ratio16:4.516:4.516:4.5
active area904.32(H)x254.34(V) mm904.32(H)x254.34(V) mm904.32(H)x254.34(V) mm
brightness700 cd/m21 500 cd/m2 2 500 cd/m2
contrast ratio4000:14000:14000:1
viewing angles89°/89°/89°/89°89°/89°/89°/89°89°/89°/89°/89°
outline dimensions923.30(H)x277.10(V)x10.65(D) mm923.30(H)x277.10(V)x10.65(D) mm923.30(H)x277.10(V)x10.65(D) mm
weight4 592 g4 653 g4 592 g
operating temperature0-50°C0-50°C0-50°C
LED life time70 000 h70 000 h70 000 h

P370IVN02.2, P370IVN03.1, and P370IVN04.0 can be used in PID systems. Due to the panoramic shape (16:4.5), they may connote devices applied in transportation. Below, you can find exemplary applications:

– 700 cd/m2 P370IVN02.2 – it can be used in indoor applications, also in intensively lighted spaces, e.g., halls at the stations or airports;

– 1500 cd/m2 P370IVN03.1 – it will go well with applications on the border between indoor and outdoor locations, e.g., window along the circulation areas;

– 2500 cd/m2 P370IVN04.0 – it can be used in outdoor applications, also in sunny spots, e.g., at platforms or stops. Moreover, this model is upgraded with a circular polarizer that keeps reflectance at the level of ≦ 1.45%; it also improves the picture quality by, e.g., enhancing color saturation.

What is more, in all of the described models, hiTNI technology has been implemented. It prevents liquid crystals from losing their features, then blocking the flow of light (we can observe this phenomenon as the black spots on the screens of LCDs) when exposed to solar radiation (it can heat the surface of displays to about 100°C!).

Contact us to learn more about AUO’s display that can be used as PIDs.


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