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Riverdi’s LCDs for Industry

Riverdi’s LCDs for Industry

On Unisystem’s offer, there are three 10.1-inch LCDs by Riverdi (RVT101HVLNWC00, RVT101HVLNWC00-B, and RVT101HVLNWN00), which will go well with industrial applications. In the article, we indicate the differences between each of these products.

RVT101HVLNWC00, RVT101HVLNWC00-B, and RVT101HVLNWN0 are 10.1-inch LCDs of wide viewing angle – 85°/85°/85°/85° (IPS). They are adapted to operate in a wide temperature range that is -20~70°C. The main difference is in the additional components – RVT101HVLNWN0 is only a display, whereas RVT101HVLNWC00 and RVT101HVLNWC00-B are upgraded with touch sensor and cover glass, but bonded in another way: in RVT101HVLNWC00 by air bonding and in RVT101HVLNWC00-B by optical bonding. The worth noticing are differences in brightness: 1000 cd/m2 for RVT101HVLNWN0, 800 cd/m2 for RVT101HVLNWC00, and 850 cd/m2 for RVT101HVLNWC00-B; despite these variances, all of these products can be used in intensively lighted spaces.

It is worth noticing that the subtle difference of 50 cd/m2 in brightness between RVT101HVLNWC00 and RVT101HVLNWC00-B comes from the method of bonding displays with touch sensor and cover glass. Although optical bonding involves additional costs, it guarantees not only the extended brightness but also, e.g., decreased risk of mechanical damages of the module (learn more about optical bonding).

In the table, you can find the crucial parameters of RVT101HVLNWC00, RVT101HVLNWC00-B, and RVT101HVLNWN00:

resolution1280×8001280×800 px1280×800 px
active area216.96×135.60 mm216.96×135.60 mm216.96×135.60 mm
brightness800 cd/m2850 cd/m21000 cd/m2
contrast ratio1000:11000:11000:1
viewing angle85°/85°/85°/85° (IPS)85°/85°/85°/85° (IPS)85°/85°/85°/85° (IPS)
outline dimensions257.96(W)x168.60(H)x9.85(D) mm257.96(W)x168.60(H)x9.30(D) mm229.46(W)x149.10(H)x7.50(D) mm
operating temperature-20~70°C-20~70°C-20~70°C
LED life time50 000 h50 000 h50 000 h
touch sensoryes, capacitiveyes, capacitiveno

RVT101HVLNWC00, RVT101HVLNWC00-B, and RVT101HVLNWN00 go well with industry applications, e.g., HMIs. The users of such devices, e.g., in production halls, will appreciate the possibility of operating the touch panel while wearing the work gloves; in this case, the appropriate calibration of the module ensures the proper reading of the finger’s touch pressure, even while wearing rubber gloves. When looking for a display solution for industrial applications, you should also consider at least one other issue: the adverse impact of such factors as dust or moisture leading to the module’s damage. In the contaminated environments, you should apply RVT101HVLNWC00-B with an optically bonded touch sensor and cover glass – it reduces foggings as the module is air-tight, so no dust or moisture may settle between the layers. (However, nothing can replace the solid enclosure, e.g. of 68 IP – learn more about IP codes).

The Riverdi’s Team advertise these products as “zero bad pixels,” so without any damaged pixels. It is a guarantee that the purchased module will be free of any manufacturing defects, providing the presented content’s pristine quality (learn more about bad pixels).

Contact us to learn more about Riverdi’s industrial solutions.


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