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Engicam industrial computers – versatile, small, energy-efficient

Engicam industrial computers – versatile, small, energy-efficient

Industrial computers are devices typically designed for 24/7 operation, which perform well in demanding industrial conditions – characterized by wide temperature fluctuations, the presence of vibration and electromagnetic interference, variable humidity and dust. We encourage you to get acquainted with interesting Engicam products introduced to Unisystem’s offer.

Engicam has specialized for many years in the design and manufacture of high-quality computers and equipment for use in harsh industrial environments. With years of experience, Engicam understands the specific needs of industrial customers and offers a wide range of hardware and software solutions that are designed to work reliably in industrial applications.

Unisystem’s range of Engicam products includes. single-board computers, modular computers, HMI operator panels, and carrier boards, which enable full control and monitoring of industrial processes. The Engicam devices offered by Unisystem feature high performance real-time operations, a wide operating temperature range, numerous interfaces and communication ports, so the devices can be connected to virtually any system. Engicam computers do not have an enclosure, so if the end device should be resistant to damage and dust and moisture contamination, it should be placed in a suitably sealed enclosure. Designers will not have much of a problem with this, as the products presented below are passive cooling (fanless) solutions.

Models parameters:

Among the most interesting Engicam products on offer at Unisystem are:

Engicam SmarCore EHL – SMARC standard modular computer equipped with Intel® Elkhart Lake processor. It has 2GB of RAM expandable up to 16GB, 4GB of eMMC memory and a rich set of graphics and communication interfaces: DP, eDP, HDMI, LVDS. It can run under Windows 10 or Linux.

Engicam T.BOARD APL – Single Board Computer (SBC) with Intel® Apollo Lake processor. It features 2GB of RAM (maximum 8GB) and interfaces for DP, eDP, HDMI, LVDS, as well as WiFi/BT, RS232, RS485. It supports Windows 10 and Linux.

Engicam COMe 10M-EHL – COM Express Mini standard modular computer using the Intel® Elkhart Lake processor. It has 2GB of RAM expandable to 16GB, 4GB of eMMC memory, and DP, eDP, HDMI, LVDS graphics interface. It also supports an Ethernet interface of up to 2.5GB, and can transmit 4096×2160 images at 60Hz via DP and HDMI connectors. It works in Windows or Linux environments.

All of the models mentioned feature a wide operating temperature range of -40°C to 85°C, so they can be seamlessly used in harsh industrial plant environments, as well as in transportation or outdoor applications.

The table summarizes the main parameters of selected Engicam models from Unisystem’s offer:

parameter SmarCore EHL modelmodel T.BOARD APLmodel COMe 10M-EHL
processor Intel® Elkhart LakeIntel® Apollo LakeIntel® Elkhart Lake
RAMLPDDR4@3733MTs 2GB (expandable to 16GB)LPDDR4@2400MTs 2GB (expandable to 8GB)LPDDR4@3733MTs 2GB (expandable to 16GB)
portsCAN – 1, I²C – 1, PCIe – 1, SDIO – 2x4bit, SPI – 1, GPIO, JTAG, UART – 1.I²C – 1, PCIe – 1, RS232 – 1, RS485 – 1, USB – 4I²C – 1, PCIe – 1, SDIO – 2x4bit, SPI – 1, GPIO, JTAG, UART – 1.
operating systemLinux, Windows 10Linux, Windows 10Linux, Windows 10
operating temperature range -40° to 85°-40° to 85°-40° to 85°

Applications of the models

Engicam industrial computers will successfully find application in many industries, including:

  • Heavy industry – Engicam models can work seamlessly on the shop floor, control machines and production lines, collect data from sensors, monitor the progress of technological processes.
  • Automotive – Engicam computers can be used to control production lines, industrial robots, CNC machines, and to collect and analyze production data.
  • Food industry – Engicam computers are suitable for the harsh conditions of the food industry, where they can control packaging lines, dispense ingredients, control production parameters.
  • Medical – Engicam computers can work in hospitals and doctors’ offices, control medical devices, support diagnostics and handle medical signal processing.
  • Transportation – thanks to its wide temperature range, Engicam computers are suitable for transportation applications, such as controlling and monitoring engine operation, analyzing telemetry data, and operating on-board systems.

In addition to purely industrial applications, Engicam’s devices, due to their small size, energy efficiency and rich interface capabilities, can also serve more advanced applications such as automotive infotainment, digital nameplates, intelligent networked surveillance systems, or home automation and Internet of Things devices.


Engicam industrial computers offered by Unisystem are technologically advanced, reliable and versatile devices, which, thanks to their performance, wide operating temperature range and rich equipment with interfaces and communication connectors, will prove themselves in the harsh conditions of factories and industrial plants, as well as in demanding transportation applications, or in applications related to the digitization and automation of production processes and buildings. In order to ensure the protection of the presented Engicam industrial computers, it is necessary to place them in an enclosure properly adapted to the conditions of the end device, which can also be helped by our experts – Unisystem engineers with many years of experience in providing the best information visualization solutions.


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