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General Touch industrial touch monitors – ideal solution for infokiosks

General Touch industrial touch monitors – ideal solution for infokiosks

Unisystem’s portfolio includes comprehensive solutions from General Touch, a renowned leader in the technology industry. It specializes in providing advanced industrial monitor and display solutions, which translates into long life and unparalleled performance of the solutions offered. They are versatile products, used in a variety of sectors – from industrial to medical to food service and retail. Importantly – they come in versions with a built-in computer and HDMI interface, which makes it easy to implement.

General Touch’s industrial monitors combine advanced technology and innovative design. For the past two decades, the company has been offering products that perform well in places where reliability and durability are key – such as production lines, industrial process management systems, as well as in public places such as information kiosks and points of sale. At the same time, it is worth mentioning that General Touch ‘s products are CE certified, so our customers will not have to seek additional certification in this regard.

Parameters of General Touch industrial monitors

The industrial monitor is an LCD-TFT display housed in a sealed enclosure, which is characterized by higher performance, durability and trouble-free operation, as well as ease of use, which greatly facilitates the work of operators.

One of the key parameters of General Touch’s industrial monitors is high resolution, which ensures excellent image quality. These monitors also offer a full color range and wide viewing angles, which positively affects the readability of the information presented.

In addition, General Touch monitors are known for their durability. They are designed to withstand harsh industrial conditions such as moisture and vibration. Their robust construction guarantees long life and reliability.

Their touch technology primarily uses capacitive-based solutions, which allows for precise and reliable touch detection, even under harsh conditions (e.g., wearing work gloves).

In addition, the General Touch industrial monitors available from Unisystem are distinguished by their low power consumption (18-22 and 28 watts), which is extremely important in the context of long-term industrial use. Part of the low power consumption is due to the use of modern ways of controlling the screen’s backlight, namely local dimming solutions.

General Touch monitors are supplied in various formats, depending on the customer’s needs. From smaller screens for commercial applications to large panels for industrial applications.

The table summarizes the main parameters of selected General Touch models from Unisystem’s offer:

parameter Model OTL195-RPCZ05-UHPCDModel OTL175-RC6000-UH5100
diagonal 19″17″
resolution1280 × 1024 px1280 × 1024 px
active area 376.32 × 301.06 mm341.92 × 274.32 mm
clarity 210 cd/m2415 cd/m2
angles of observation 80°/80°/80°/80°80°/80°/75°/75°
module dimensions430.0 × 353.0 × 37.6mm380.00 × 317.50 × 59.60 mm.
backlight LEDLED
aspect ratio5:45:4
operating temperature range 0~40°C0~50°C
touch panel yes, capacitiveyes, capacitive
housing typeclosed frameopen frame

Application of General Touch industrial monitors

General Touch monitors are very versatile and can be used in a wide variety of applications. Due to the fact that they have a built-in AD Board, it is possible to feed video signals through connections: HDMI, DVI, VGA or Composite. Popular applications include:

  • infokiosks,
  • POS terminals,
  • industrial automation systems,
  • medical diagnostic imaging,
  • educational multimedia stations.

In the area of infokiosks, General Touch monitors play a key role, offering an interactive and intuitive user experience. With the precise operation of touch screens, users can easily navigate through complex interfaces and available options. In such applications, open frame solutions, i.e. those that can be incorporated into the contour of a particular building, will be particularly suitable. This type of equipment in General Touch’s offer is represented by models: OTL175-RC6000-UH5100 , OTL196-RPC03-Z or OTL246-RC6000-UH4200 .

Another solution is close frame industrial monitors, which are devices that are already in an enclosure and can be mounted, such as on a pedestal: OTL175-RPCZ04-UCD-RPCZ04-UCD , OTL195-RPCZ05-UHPCD, OTL225-RC5A00-UH2200.

These monitors are also an excellent choice for POS (Point of Sale) applications. They can withstand daily wear and tear, making them ideal for use in stores, restaurants and other places where fast and reliable customer service is needed.

Other applications include medicine, industry and education. In the context of industrial automation, these monitors can serve as control interfaces for machines and equipment, allowing operators to easily monitor and control production processes.

A potential application is also the use of monitors in shopping malls, museums or other public places – as ticket machines or information panels. With their advantages, these monitors can greatly facilitate the operations of such institutions, as well as improve the user experience.

General Touch also offers high-brightness models, making them ideal for places with high sunlight, such as public transportation, exhibitions or stores with large windows. Regardless of the application, the General Touch monitors offered by Unisystem guarantee the highest quality and reliability that translate into efficiency and productivity.


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