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The longest smart shelf by BOE

A few weeks ago, we published an article about the first smart shelves on our offer. They are completed by other stretched display of uncommon size by BOE (DV471FBM-N10).

The smart shelf simplifies price management process – you don’t need to change labels manually, a mouse click is enough.

The most central parameters of this product are in the table:

light sourceLED
active area1196.16×49.84 mm
aspect ratio24:1
brightness500 cd/m2
contrast ratio1000:1
viewing angle89°/89°/89°/89° (IPS)
light life50.000 h
panel surfaceanti-glare, Haze 25%
interfaceRGB mini-LVDS
outline dimensions1209×62.9×14.5 mm
weight3260 g
bezel width5.4/5.4/5.2/6.8 mm
operation temperature0-50°C
display orientationhorizontal/vertical

The smart shelf was designed for trade. It can replace paper labels making a standard shop shelf stand out.

What’s more, the smart shelf can help your business. One of the most crucial marketing advantages of the smart shelf is… its uncommonness. In fact, it is still gaining in popularity. Let’s imagine how outstanding animations of your products can boost your brand.

We are going to present BOE’s smart shelf during the upcoming Embedded World 2020 (25th-27th of February 2020, Nuremberg). Let’s meet at our stand – we will be waiting for you in hall 1, booth 1-385.


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