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New TFT displays with IPS matrix by Winstar

Winstar Co. which is one of the world-largest manufacturers of LCD and OLED displays, has recently expanded its offer with two TFT displays equipped with IPS matrix.


3,5 inch display with 320 x 480 resolution. The module has built-in controller ILI9488, it supports parallel(MCU) interface. This display is a portrait mode IPS TFT LCD with brightness 600nits. Module operate at industrial temperature range -20℃ do +70℃).


7 inch display with HD 800 x 1280 resolution and 450 nits brightness. Communication with the module is possible via LVDS interface. Module can operate at industrial temperature range -20℃ do +70℃).

Below is a table with basic display parameters:

3.5” – WF35UTYAIDNN0#

7.0” – WF70WTYAULNN0#
Resolution320 x 480800 x 1280
Matrix typeIPSIPS
Interfaceparaller, SPILVDS
Built-in controllerILI9488brak
Active area48.96 x 73.44150.72 x 94.2
Outline dimentions54.5 x 83.0 x 2.46164.61 x 106.3 x 6.0

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