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E Ink Gallery – a new kind of color e-paper

E Ink Gallery – a new kind of color e-paper

A while ago, the EPDs (Electronic Paper Displays) used to be associated mainly with e-book readers. Today, it changes – they are applied in various fields as the consumer but also professional electronics. What is more, another interesting color e-paper is coming – a new 28-inch E Ink Gallery. It is developed by two companies specializing in different display technologies – E Ink (a pioneer in EDPs) and Innolux (a leading manufacturer of LCDs). It is worth noticing that both brands are in the Unisystem’s suppliers portfolio.

The emerging 28-inch E Ink Gallery by E Ink and Innolux is based on ACeP (Advanced Color ePaper) technology – a refined version of color e-paper.

Advanced Color ePaper (ACeP)

In ACeP technology, each pixel contains four pigments that form eight primary colors. Its functioning, like in other e-paper solutions, depends on the electrophoresis phenomenon – the motion of dispersed particles relative to a fluid under the influence of a spatially uniform electric field. In ACeP, the microcapsules with pigments suspended in the mix of oil and water create desirable images by moving up and down according to the changes in the voltage.

The e-paper displays have much to offer. One of the essential advantages is their energy-efficiency – they need a small amount of energy only when the presented image changes (due to bistable technology). Moreover, they do not require a backlight – the content is perfectly readable in the proper lighting conditions (also in the sun). E-paper technology is often compared with traditional printing, which is right in some way because they have much in common (e.g., unlimited viewing angle). Additionally, e-paper displays are ultra thin – thickness of some models is even less than 1 mm.

Created for intelligent systems

As the representatives of E Ink and Innloux claims, the 28-inch E Ink Gallery may be applied in, e.g., smart city solutions. The deployment of ICT (information and communications technology) makes agglomerations more and more people-friendly, but it is impossible without various information carriers like displays. They are widely used in, e.g., multiple transport applications (in the buildings, as well as in the vehicles) to present timetables or routes, and important information for local communities (approaching events, changing rules of waste segregation, or upcoming tax seasons, etc.).

We can also expect the use of color e-paper displays (also 28-inch E Ink Gallery) in digital signage as an eye-catching advertising medium (their content can change any time, 24/7). You can detect similar solutions, e.g., in retail, which becomes more automated with the replacement of paper labels by the e-paper ones.

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This article is based on E Ink’s and Innolux’s press release. The release date of the 28-inch E Ink Gallery is not yet known. 


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