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AUO displays with TARTAN technology – unusual shapes in industrial quality

AUO displays with TARTAN technology – unusual shapes in industrial quality

More and more designers are looking for displays in unusual shapes and sizes to add variety to their digital signage and transportation projects. Demand for such solutions is growing along with the need to efficiently use the available space for information visualization. AUO Display Plus has responded to this demand by developing TARTAN technology.

TARTAN technology from AUO

TARTAN technology allows the production of LCD-TFT panels of any shape and size, without the need for additional processing of finished dies. It uses native processes to create a photomask, or TFT display glass pattern. Instead of cutting pre-made dies, TARTAN technology allows them to be molded right at the production stage, giving greater flexibility in shaping the final product. By partially obscuring the finished photomask, the desired shape or size of the liquid crystal cells is achieved. This makes it possible to create displays in shapes and sizes tailored to the customer’s needs, thus saving time and money, since it is not necessary to design a whole new photomask.

Industrial quality

AUO’s solutions with TARTAN technology are characterized by high industrial quality. They can operate in a wide temperature range from -40 to +110°C and in 24/7 mode. Displays with a brightness of 2500 cd/m2 consume less power than older 1500 cd/m2 models. In addition, the hiTNI technology used protects the panels from UV damage.

Parameters of selected models from the TARTAN series

AUO already offers ready-made display models with TARTAN technology in unusual formats, such as:

  • P281SVN01.0 – 28.1-inch square screen, 800×800 pixel resolution, 700 cd/m2 brightness, ideal for consumer applications;
  • P449SVN01.0 – 44.9-inch panel with 1:1 aspect ratio, 1280×1280 pixel resolution, 700 cd/m2 brightness, for outdoor applications;

Below is a table with examples of models from the AUO TARTAN series:

active area504(W)×504(H) mm.806.4(W)×806.4(H) mm.
clarity700 cd/m²700 cd/m²
angles of observation89/89/89/8989/89/89/89
areaAnti-Glare 2%Antiglare (Haze 28%), Hard coating (3H)
dimensions526.8(W)×526.8(H) ×28.2(D) mm.829.2(W)×829.2(H) ×27.1(D) mm.
working temperature range0 ~ 50 °C0 ~ 50 °C
LED lifespan70,000 hrs.50,000 hrs.
weight3.6 Kg8.6 kg


In summary, AUO’s TARTAN technology makes it possible to create LCD-TFT displays with unusual shapes to suit specific customer requirements. This allows designers to take full advantage of the space allocated for digital content visualization. These solutions are characterized by high quality and reliability even in harsh working conditions.


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