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Unisystem invites you to the Autumn Academy of Embedded Systems

Unisystem invites you to the Autumn Academy of Embedded Systems

October 25, 2023. (Wednesday) at Unisystem’s headquarters in Gdansk, Poland, we invite you to our Fall Embedded Systems Academy. This is an opportunity to delve into the fascinating world of embedded systems, in the company of other embedded systems enthusiasts and under the guidance of experienced engineers.

If you are passionate about embedded systems, want to grow, meet other professionals in the field or explore practical skills – this meeting is for you! Our training is primarily aimed at professionals familiar with embedded systems, as well as Linux. The training program will include:

  • Image building Yocto system
  • Widget applications
  • QML
  • Kernel source modifications

The training will be conducted by experienced engineers and technology developers from SoMLabs, who have many years of both development and training experience. Participants will have fully equipped stations with SoMLabs kits and Riverdi displays. The whole thing is done in a friendly atmosphere with touches of autumn flavors.

Important information:

  • The training is free of charge.
  • We invite up to two-person engineering teams.
  • Please bring your own computers with the software we provided in advance.
  • Enrollment is accepted until October 15, 2023. via a dedicated form. The order of application is decisive.
  • Confirmation of participation will be sent via email.
  • The training will be conducted in Polish.
  • Expected duration of training: 9-17.

Feel free to register, which will take you no more than 20 seconds!
Enrollment: https://forms.office.com/e/UavNEbENnD

If you have additional questions, we’d be happy to answer them: [email protected] (tel. 882748522)

See you in Gdansk!


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