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Let’s meet at TEK.day’23 in Gdansk!

Let’s meet at TEK.day’23 in Gdansk!

We look forward to meeting you in Gdansk on Friday, September 15, 2023. At TEK.day 2023, one of the most important meeting places for the electronics industry in Poland. The organizer focuses on innovative solutions in the field of technology, so we can’t miss us there. Our team is waiting for you at booth #87 at AmberExpo Gdansk.

During the fair, we will present our most interesting products and solutions that respond to current market needs. We will show how technology can serve business by creating value for customers and partners.

Our booth will showcase E Ink branded e-paper displays – from compact price tags (both monochrome and color) to 13-inch modules with state-of-the-art ACeP technology, capable of displaying images in 65K. colors.

In addition, the 10.1-inch LCD-TFT multitasking display from Polish company Riverdi is worth noting. This model includes an STM32 microcontroller developed by STMicroelectronics, making it an excellent choice for HMI applications where image quality and configuration flexibility are a priority. For professionals creating user interfaces (GUIs), it is worth noting that any such display with STM32 allows programming with the free and intuitive TouchGFX software.

There will also be demonstrations of OLEDs in a variety of shapes and sizes – from round to square to rectangular. But it doesn’t end there – visit us and see what else we have on offer!

We will be represented by: Kamil Kozlowski (VP and co-owner), Radoslaw Pyter (Head of Sales Poland), Maciej Bonk (Key Account Manager), Barbara Żaglewska (Project Manager) and Monika Ruszkowska (Project Manager).

We encourage you to make appointments with them in advance and visit us directly at our booth.

Participation in the fair is free, but it is important to register in advance. Here is the link to register: https://gdansk.tekday.pl/visitors#form

TEK.day, scheduled for September 15, 2023 at AmberExpo Gdansk, is a premiere one-day event aimed at electronics professionals, combining a table-top trade show with interesting lectures. Guests will have the opportunity to visit 107 booths of key industry distributors and attend Arrow Multi Solution Day, a regular event organized by Arrow Electronics. In all, 137 exhibitors showcasing the latest technologies in one place. As an important electronics manufacturing center in Poland, Gdansk provides an ideal backdrop for such a meeting. In addition to the main event, attendees will be able to enjoy additional attractions such as the Polish Electronics Forum and meetings with industry leaders.

We look forward to meeting you at TEK.day’23 in Gdansk – the place where innovation meets tradition and excellence in the electronics industry!


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