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Join Us at Evertiq Expo Warsaw 2023!

Join Us at Evertiq Expo Warsaw 2023!

We are thrilled to invite you to the heart of Poland’s business realm, Warsaw, on Thursday, October 26, 2023, from 09:00 to 16:00, for the Evertiq Expo 2023 at the National Stadium (PGE Narodowy). This premier event is a must-attend for anyone engaged in electronics design, production, or distribution. If elevating your company’s profile and brand recognition is on your agenda, Evertiq Expo is the platform to be on. Your participation could be the gateway to effortless brand promotion and networking within the electronics industry! Meet Unisystem Team at Booth 121!

During the expo, we are excited to unveil our array of innovative products and solutions tailored to meet the evolving demands of the market. We’ll illustrate how our technology can be a powerhouse for businesses, adding value for both customers and partners alike.

Our booth is a window to the cutting-edge E Ink branded e-paper displays, encapsulating everything from sleek price tags (available in both monochrome and color) to the 13-inch modules enriched with advanced ACeP technology, capable of rendering images in a vibrant 65K colors palette.

Moreover, the spotlight will be on the 10.1-inch LCD-TFT multitasking display, a proud innovation of Polish company Riverdi. This model is empowered by an STM32 microcontroller crafted by STMicroelectronics, standing out as a prime pick for HMI applications where image clarity and configurational adaptability take center stage. For those immersed in crafting user interfaces (GUIs), the STM32-facilitated display is a gateway to seamless programming courtesy of the intuitive and complimentary TouchGFX software.

Our exhibit further unfolds with demonstrations of OLEDs, showcased in an array of shapes and sizes – encompassing round, square, and rectangular configurations. The spectacle doesn’t culminate here – drop by and explore the myriad of technological marvels we have in store!

The Unisystem Team stationed at Booth #121:

  • Jacek Marcinkowski (Head of Solution Department)
  • Radosław Pyter (Head of Sales Poland)
  • Maciej Bonk (Key Account Manager)

Mark the date, October 26, and make your way to PGE National Stadium. We are excited to interact, share, and explore the endless possibilities in the realm of electronics. To ensure a smooth entry, remember to register in advance. We eagerly await to meet you at Evertiq Expo Warsaw 2023 – the platform where innovation propels the tradition of excellence in the electronics domain! More info and free registration at: https://evertiq.com/expo/waw2023_visit

Evertiq has been orchestrating expos for the electronics industry since 2011. The journey commenced with an event named TEC (The Evertiq Conference) in Lund, Sweden. Rapidly gaining popularity and interest, Evertiq expanded beyond Swedish borders, hosting its inaugural event in Warsaw in 2014. This year, on October 26, Evertiq Expo returns to Warsaw – the heart of Poland and the unwritten capital of Polish industry. Without a doubt, Warsaw is the business hub of Poland, housing numerous companies undertaking ambitious electronics projects. The presence of leading Polish firms, international corporations, stock exchanges, venture capital funds, and governmental bodies makes Warsaw the epicenter of financial activity. Additionally, Warsaw is a significant academic and scientific center with institutions like Warsaw University of Technology and Military University of Technology, alongside numerous research institutes working on innovative electronics solutions, backed by grants, European funds, and state administration resources. Key establishments such as NCBR or ARP, responsible for disbursing funds supporting science and innovative enterprises, are also located here. The excellent connectivity by car, train, or plane ensures a diverse attendance from across Poland, Europe, and even Asia at the Warsaw Evertiq Expo.


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