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Unusual form with the usual quality – square LCD series by AUO

AUO had quite the representation of its products in the Unisystem’s offer so far – from sturdy, weather-resistant wide-screen displays fitting perfectly for various transportation applications through solutions dedicated to digital signage (f.e dual-sided constructions) and even smart shelf displays. With each year, AUO introduces more new products in its lineup of LCDs – this time, it is worth paying special attention to the non-standard square displays from the TARTAN series.

AUO’s square-shaped series of LCDs are almost entirely here – models P281SVN01.0 (28.1 inches), P353KVN01.0 (35.3 inches), and the newest P449SVN01.0 (44.9 inches) are already available, while the P398SVN01.0 (39.8 inches) is still waiting for the official release date. This size variety answers the growing demand for more specialized displays suitable for places with limited space.

The models mentioned above belong under AUO’s TARTAN series of displays, using the manufacturing technology of the same name.

Helping that answer to meet the said demand, AUO uses TARTAN technology capable of manufacturing displays of almost any shape and size – not only square and stretched but also round ones. This solution, using the native photomask production processes instead of the regular cutting from 16:9 LCD panels, allows meeting the high-quality standards along with the nearly unlimited design possibilities.

Full viewing angles (89°/89°/89°/89°) and the increased brightness (between 500 and 700 cd/m2) guarantee the readability of everything displayed on the LCDs of AUO’s TARTAN series. However, it has to be mentioned that these screens operating temperature ranges between 0°C up to 50°C. This solution will thrive in both indoor and outdoor applications, but additional upgrades such as cooling in summer and heating in winter should be provided in case of exposure to harsh weather conditions.

The key parameters of products from the presented series are listed in the table below:

active area504(H) x 504(V) mm595.2(H) x 669.6(V) mm806.4(H) x 806.4(V) mm
brightness700 cd/m2500 cd/m2700 cd/m2
contrast ratio4000:14000:14000:1
viewing angle89°/89°/89°/89°89°/89°/89°/89°89°/89°/89°/89°
surface treatmentAnti-Glare 2%Anti-Glare, 3HAnti-Glare, 3H
outline dimensions526.8(H) x 526.8(V) x 10.7(D) mm618.2(H) x 692.4(W) x 25.1(D) mm829.2(H) x 829.6(V) x 10.7(D) mm
operating temperature0-50℃0-50℃0-50℃
LED lifetime70 000 h70 000 h70 000 h
weight3.6 kg5.4 kg8.6 kg

Non-standard, custom-shaped screens from the TARTAN series are easier to fit into visual layouts for retail stores, cafes, and restaurants – such solutions will prove themselves in limited spaces, with potential installation flexibility required. They can also be used as information carriers in public transportation, e.g., at the stops, airports, or platforms (keeping in mind the operating temperature range in case of outdoor applications).


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