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New panoramic mini BarTFT by Winstar

Winstar added to its offer new series of panoramic mini displays BarTFT. Displays are offered in three different dimensions 3.9”, 4.6” and 5.2”. 

All three versions are color TFT-LCD panels that are designed as multipurpose displays. They can be located in video cameras, digital cameras, cash registers and other devices that require using high quality ultrapanoramic small displays. BarTFT can also be used as electronic car mirrors, electronic prices and shop advertisements. Displays are also available in versions with capacitive and resistive touch panels.

Comparison of BarTFT displays:

Model3.9” – WF39ATIASDNN0#
4.6” – WF46ATIATDNN0#
5.2” – WF52ATLASDNN0#
Planned launching on marketCurrently – mass productionCurrently – mass productionThird quarter of 2016
Resolution480 x 128800 x 320480 x 128
Outer dimensions105,5 x 40,64 x 2,95120,7 x 56,16 x 3,1140.4 x 49.87 x 3.0
Active area95,04 x 25,34108 x 43.2127.152 x 33.9072
Viewing angleAt 12:00At 12:00At 12:00
LCD typeTFT, TransmissiveTFT, TransmissiveTFT, Transmissive
BacklightLED, whiteLED, whiteLED, white


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