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New OLEDs by Winstar on Unisystem’s offer

New OLEDs by Winstar on Unisystem’s offer

We expand the Unisystem’s offer by the introduction of new OLEDs by Winstar. These are WEO009632B, WEO009664A, WEA012832F, WEA012864L, and WEH001601B put to use in a wide range of applications. We can provide off-the-shelf samples in two colorways that are white or yellow.  

Winstar’s OLEDs are a substantial section of Unisystem’s offer. In OLED technology, each pixel is an individual source of light, so a backlight is not required. The content presented on this type of displays is perfectly readable due to the indefinite contrast ratio and full viewing angle. Moreover, the lack of a backlight makes OLEDs energy-efficient solutions, especially desirable in battery-powered devices.

Among the new Winstar’s OLEDs, there are five graphic displays in size of 0.68- up to 1.28-inch – WEO009632B (two types of different module’s structure), WEO009664A, WEA012832F, and WEA012864L, which generally occur in two color versions – white and yellow (except for WEA012832F and WEA012864L which are also available in blue color version). They are completed by one-character display in size of 2.25-inch – WEH001601B, which occurs in the widest color gamut (not only white and yellow but also red, green, and blue).

It is worth noticing that these models will go well with both indoor and outdoor applications. Their operation temperature has been defined in the range from -40 up to 80°C.

We present the essential parameters of these models in the table:  

model (type)sizeresolution (for graphics OLEDs) /
characters x rows (for character OLEDs)
module typeinterfacecontrollerpower supplyactive areaoutline dimensionsoperating temperature
WEO009632B (graphic OLED)0.68”96 x 32COG + ZIF FPC / HOTBAR FPC6800, 8080, SPI, I2CSSD13053V16.298 × 5.418 mm19.80 × 12.32 × 1.21 mm-40~80°C
WEO009664A (graphic OLED)0.95″96 x 64COG6800, 8080, SPI, I2CSSD13053V19.946 × 13.418 mm24.90 × 22.95 × 1.61 mm-40~80°C
WEA012832F* (graphic OLED)0.91″128 x 32COG+PCBI2CSSD13063V/5V22.384 x 5.584 mm35.80 x 12.00 x 2.41 mm-40~80°C
WEA012864L* (graphic OLED)1.28″128 x 64COG+PCBI2CSH11063V/5V29.42 × 14.20 mm35.50 × 32.00 × 2.66 mm-40~80°C
WEH001601B* (character OLED)2.25”16 x 1COB6800 (option 8080), SPIWS00105V56.95 x 5.55 mm80.00 x 36.00 x 10.00 (max) mm-40~80°C

* These models are also available in other color versions (beyond white and yellow, also blue for WEA012832F and WEA012864L, red, green, and blue for WEH001601B).

OLEDs can be used in a wide range of applications. They are common in, e.g., wearables (also in medical applications) as the content presented on the screen is perfectly readable no matter the viewing direction. What is more, in the battery-powered wearables, limited power consumption is strongly desirable. We will appreciate the same features in smart buildings’ (both homes and offices) devices such as, e.g., gauges, as well as control panels used to manage the lighting or heating.

You can apply OLEDs also in the industry, e.g., in portable measuring devices. Except for perfect readability, the crucial feature for such types of equipment is operating temperature. They should function properly in various environments (both in low and high temperatures).

We can list other applications that may take advantage of OLED technology like, e.g., automotive, in which OLEDs are replacing the standard meters. Moreover, there are at least a few examples of OLEDs implementation in retail as additional screens in kiosks collecting fees, e.g., self-checkouts, ticket machines, parking meters, etc.

What type of display will go well with your device? We can find the optimal model together. Just contact us.


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