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55-inch LCD by BOE

55-inch LCD by BOE

We extend Unisystem’s offer with subsequent BOE’s display solution – a 55-inch LCD (DV550FHM-NV8) destined to indoor applications, e.g., digital signage. 

DV550FHM-NV8 can be used only in interior devices due to the values of crucial parameters such as brightness (500 cd/m2) or operation temperature (0-50°C). It provides perfect readability of presented content in each perspective thanks to the wide viewing angle (89°/89°/89°/89°).

This model is upgraded with local dimming which adapts the LED-backlight to the displayed picture, enhancing the difference between dark and bright areas. It provides a faithful color reproduction by improved contrast (in DV550FHM-NV8 the contrast has been estimated at 45000:1 with local dimming and 1200:1 without local dimming). Moreover, this effect is achieved with a simultaneous reduction of power consumption.

We present the crucial parameters of DV550FHM-NV8 in the table:

active area1209.6(H)x680.4(V) mm
brightness500 cd/m2
contrast ratio45000:1
viewing angle89°/89°/89°/89° (IPS)
surface treatmentanti-glare, Haze 25%, 3H
LED lifetime30 000 h
response time8 ms
power consumption175 W
outline dimensions1213.5(H)x684.3(V)x40.9(D) mm
weight15 800 g
operation temperature0-50°C
special featureslocal dimming

DV550FHM-NV8 can be used in selected digital signage applications, e.g., in transportation as passenger information carriers. It is worth noticing that this model of 500 cd/m2 brightness cannot be applied in intensely lighted locations. Hence it should be mounted rather in the underground passageways leading to platforms or stops than in the glass-panelled halls of stations. 

What is more, this model can be used in various information kiosks or totems. Usually, such applications require a touch panel as they are operated by gestures. At Unisystem, we can combine DV550FHM-NV8 with a touch sensor – contact us  to get more details. In the case of devices located in public spaces, the other improvements might be necessary as cover glass preventing mechanical damages or, e.g., anti-shatter coating (AS) limiting the spreading of glass splinters while the module is smashed (learn more about coatings – here).  

Find out other solutions by BOE in Unisystem’s offer, e.g., 1.2-meter smart shelf designed for retail


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