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Embedded World 2021 Digital – Let’s meet again (but in a different way)

Embedded World 2021 Digital – Let’s meet again (but in a different way)

Do you remember the slogan which organizers of Embedded World used very often? It was: Embedded World is where the embedded community meets every year. Unfortunately, due to the worldwide pandemic, we decided not to attend the fairs in 2020. But now we are back!

However, this year’s event will be different than the ones we are used to. First of all – we will meet online. Secondly – we will have five days to show you our products and talk about projects. And last but not least – the whole event is focused on networking and knowledge transfer, so you can be sure that it will be full of presentations and lectures on various themes.

Some things never change. That is why we will show best-selling displays from major LCD TFT and OLED manufacturers such as AUO, Litemax, or Winstar, as well as controllers and industrial computers. We will also focus on e-paper and our innovative solutions created in cooperation with E Ink. By scheduling an appointment with our Account Managers or Project Coordinators, you will have an opportunity to talk about customized modules in the context of your project. Based on our long-term experience, we will be happy to share our knowledge and outline the possibilities of designing a module tailored to your project.

The digital version of the event is an excellent opportunity for networking with participants from the EU, USA, China, or Japan. Do not be afraid of the new format – after the registration, every participant goes through the onboarding process. One of its parts is a questionnaire,  which will be a base for matchmaking business contacts so that the networking will be even more comfortable. Contact us to get your ticket* and save the date: 1st – 5th March 2021.  

* The tickets will be available from the beginning of February.


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