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Solution Unisystem team – experts in advanced display solutions

Solution Unisystem team – experts in advanced display solutions

Imagine a world where every industrial display solution is not just hardware, but a key component driving innovation and productivity. At Unisystem, we don’t just imagine it – we create it. Our Solution team specializes in transforming complex display challenges into seamless, personalized solutions that drive industry leaders.

What our Solution Department can do for you:

In the rapidly evolving world of display technology, having a reliable partner capable of developing comprehensive and fully customized solutions is key. Unisystem is a team of experts whose knowledge and experience make them successful in implementing even the most demanding industrial display projects. Our Solution Division has specialized in providing custom industrial display solutions for more than a decade, providing our customers with not only products, but comprehensive support at every stage of the project.

As part of our expertise and offerings, Unisystem provides the following services and products, which are the basis of advanced solutions for our customers:

  • Various display technologies: we specialize in customizing display technologies, including LCD, OLED, and EPD, to meet the individual requirements of our customers’ projects.
  • Touch Panels: We offer a wide range of touch panels, including capacitive (CTP), resistive (RTP), and infrared (IR) based, each customizable to meet specific application needs.
  • Dedicated front glass: We design and supply dedicated front glass that not only protects the display, but also fits in with the aesthetics of the customer’s final product.
  • Electronics around the display: We develop and integrate a variety of electronic components, such as interface converters (e.g., adboard), power circuits (e.g., backlight converters), and provide embedded solutions, including carrier boards.
  • Peripherals: We comprehensively supply peripherals, including power supplies, sensors, lighting and readers, providing support for the entire device ecosystem.
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Our ability to integrate these diverse components into cohesive and functional systems makes Unisystem the preferred partner for advanced technology projects that require not only the highest quality components, but also experience and innovation in their implementation.

Expertise and experience for your project

At Unisystem, we understand the importance of reliable and innovative display solutions in today’s technology industry. We are proud of our role as an official distributor of products from leading display manufacturers, which enables us to provide state-of-the-art solutions to the market. Thanks to our extensive network of suppliers, we are able to provide a wide range of components – from standard LCD-TFT modules, to state-of-the-art OLED displays, to energy-efficient EPDs and classic Mono LCMs.

However, our offer does not end with displays. We also supply a wide range of other technology products, including advanced touch panels that are integral to many interactive systems in various industrial sectors. In addition, we offer comprehensive computer solutions, including dedicated industrial computers that can be equipped with high-quality components – from hard drives and RAM modules to specialized expansion modules. These products provide not only performance and reliability, but also adaptability to meet the specific needs and requirements of our customers.

Such a wide range of products allows Unisystem to offer comprehensive solutions that are key to many modern applications, from industrial automation and control systems to point-of-sale and advanced multimedia installations. Thanks to this multidimensionality, Unisystem is able to not only deliver, but also comprehensively support its customers in the implementation of their most ambitious technology projects.

Tailor-made solutions

At Unisystem, each project is treated individually. Starting with the conceptual phase, our team works with clients to understand their specific needs and requirements. For each project, the appropriate base solution for the display, which we then gradually modify to meet the needs of the customer.

We tailor our level of support to the customer’s technical expertise. Sometimes we build a project together from scratch, other times we advise in detail on the best technical solutions, based on our experience from previous projects. As a result, our proposals are always optimized, which facilitates not only the production, but also the service of the final product.

If necessary, we undertake the design and manufacture of the necessary components, such as:

  • LCD controllers,
  • HDMI->LVDS converters,
  • carrier boards for SOM modules,
  • Advanced Single Board Computers.

We also customize aesthetic and functional elements, such as customized glass with the customer’s logo or matching the display to the technical requirements of the end device. We work to integrate our solutions by analyzing existing customer enclosures and adjusting our products to make installation as easy as possible. The process often involves analyzing 3D models for electronics, designing PCBs, and fitting carrier boards and other components.

For example, our proprietary Unitouch solution combines an LCD-TFT display with a capacitive touch panel to offer key features for medical and industrial applications:

  • multitouch,
  • palm rejection,
  • operation when the panel is wet,
  • gloved operation possible,
  • low energy consumption.

For one of our key customers, we designed a solution using our proprietary USEM e-paper display, which is integrated with a controller and open frame housing to provide excellent viewing angles and low power consumption. Based on this, we make modifications to the signal tapes and other components to match the project specifications.

Working with us means access to advanced technologies and a personalized approach to each project. Thanks to our skills and experience, we can provide our customers with solutions that are not only technically advanced, but also tailored to their specific needs and expectations, making each project carried out with Unisystem a model of efficiency and innovation.

Example implementations of Solution Unisystem

As part of our work on custom solutions, we have completed a number of successful projects that perfectly illustrate how technology and innovation translate into real benefits for our clients:

Case Study 1: Advanced touch panel calibration in the industrial sector

In a project for the industrial sector, where working conditions are extreme, we have implemented advanced calibration of the touch panel, which allows correct function even after applying oily substances and when operating with rubber gloves. This functionality is extremely important in environments where standard solutions cannot be used effectively.

Worker operating a machine with control panel
Professional kitchen in modern building

Case Study 2: Professional kitchens – catering

For a client in the food service industry, we designed a specialized touch panel for use in professional kitchens. Considering the harsh working conditions where the presence of water droplets and oily substances is the norm, the panel is equipped with advanced calibration that allows it to function even when splashed with water and wearing latex/nitrile gloves. In addition, we designed and fabricated protective glass that met the customer’s specific requirements, including cutting a hole intended for mounting a mechanical component. The surface of the screen has been coated with an anti-fingerprint coating, which increases user comfort and hygiene.

Case Study 3: Vandal-proof solution for public transport

In response to the needs of a customer in the public transportation sector, we developed a rugged vandal-resistant solution that was capable of withstanding high mechanical loads according to EN 62262 at the IK08 level. The design included the construction of fault-tolerant mechanical components and the provision of adequate protection of components from electromagnetic interference (EMI), which is crucial in an environment with high levels of electrical interference. The solution has improved the safety and durability of the displays used on buses and streetcars, making a significant contribution to improving passenger services.

Modern bus interior with passengers Passengers in the city bus in the evening in Krakow Modern public transport in Europe Travel and tourism concept Safe travel
Touchpad in the hospital The doctor adjusts the parameters of t

Case Study 4: Customizing a solution for the medical sector

Working with a company in the medical field, our task was to develop a display that could function effectively in a hospital setting, where there is frequent contact with various substances and must be operated with sterile gloves. It was also a challenge to bring the design and software up to EMC’s stringent requirements, which are standard in medical equipment. The solution also included testing the durability and water resistance of the products, ensuring that they are trouble-free and safe to use in harsh clinical environments.

Case Study 5: Smart home solutions

Working on a project for a smart home client who was looking for a custom solution that stood out from the “off-the-shelf” products available, our team revised the existing design, making the adjustments necessary to enhance the device’s performance. The solution has been fully customized to meet the non-standard needs of end-users, creating a product more responsive to their expectations. We moved production from China to a local supplier in Europe, which provided greater control over quality and reduced equipment failure problems.

smart screen with smart home with modern restaurant

Why Unisystem?

With a flexible approach to production, open-frame ordering capabilities and local warehousing of goods, Unisystem is able to offer competitive lead times. Our long-standing relationships with reliable partners and regular supplier verification ensure continuity and reliability of supply. By choosing to work with Unisystem, our customers can focus on their core business activities, freeing up engineering resources that can be dedicated to the development of future projects. With our extensive experience and proven processes, they save time and money as we quickly arrive at optimal, functional solutions, speeding up the time-to-market of their products.

Contact us today

Don’t let technological challenges slow down your progress. Contact us to discover how our personalized display solutions can accelerate your projects, reduce your engineering workload and optimize costs. The Unisystem team is ready to support you at every stage of your project. Discover how our advanced solutions can add value to your business and allow you to stay ahead of the competition.


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