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Unisystem in 2022 – big plans, significant changes, and a lot of good energy

Unisystem in 2022 – big plans, significant changes, and a lot of good energy

At the beginning of the year, we mentioned that soon we would tell you more about our plans for subsequent months. 2021 was full of changes, but 2022 will also be revolutionary for Unisystem.

The current year is marked by a change – a change of vision and development perspective of our business. After long market and industry observations, talks with clients and business partners, and even longer discussions and analyzes within the company, we decided to adjust the direction we wanted to go. Unisystem is well known as a distributor of displays and touch panels. The direction in which we want to develop, i.e., the delivery of complete solutions, meets the expectations of our customers and the market. As a solution provider, we have expert knowledge of displays and touch panels and their integration and implementation. Our well-trained engineering staff will not only design components and supervise their production but also provide invaluable technical support at every stage of the project – both in terms of optimization and the implementation itself.

We assume that in 2022 we may increase employment, but it will be minor changes. Still, we are open to talented and development-oriented project management specialists, traders, and engineers. Our main goal will be the further development of RnD and projects and export departments to systematically increase the share of ready-made solutions and foreign sales in the company’s turnover. We will continue to focus on expansion in Europe and the United States – constantly looking for new customers and better tailoring the offer to the needs of specific markets and industries.

Due to changes in the strategy and focus on providing complete solutions, we also decided to refresh our logotype and introduce changes in visual communication. The process will be stretched over time – keep an eye on our website and social media profiles to see what the “new” Unisystem will look like.


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