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Embedded World 2020: the showroom

Embedded World 2020: the showroom

14 days left to Embedded World 2020 in Nuremberg. In this article, we would like to present a list of products that will be exposed at our booth.

It is one of the biggest fairs dedicated to embedded systems. Its popularity is assured by the constant develop of the Internet of Things (IoT) and demand for excellent electronic devices.

The small and the big, the wide range of displays

This year we focus on panoramic LCDs. At our booth, you will be able to find stretched displays and monitors such as 38-, 45-, and 57-inch LCDs by Litemax or 29- and 37-inch LCDs by AUO. They will be completed by smart shelves – 22.9-inch by AUO (1920×165 px) and 47.1-inch by BOE (3840×160 px).

Looking for an alternative to LCDs? Let’s check our e-papers – from 1.1- to 31.2-inch. We will also present some colorful e-papers – with one additional color (red, blue, green) and with a whole range of additional colors ( Advanced Color ePaper by E Ink).

No worries, we still remember about the most popular type of displays used in embedded systems – OLEDs. We will present a few displays created by Winstar, our trusted business partner.

The super-safe touch panels

On your request, we can combine displays with touch panels, also with our UniTouch, a PCAP designed by our RnD team. It is perfectly suited to a wide range of applications. The applied noise detection and frequency hopping functions adjust to the working conditions, ensuring proper operation even with frequent changes in the noise intensity.

The touch panels of machines located in public space (as self-check-ins at the airport, vending machines, etc.) are the perfect habitats for microorganisms. More and more manufacturers decide to apply the antibacterial coating to the touch panels to protect the devices’ users. At our booth, you will have an opportunity to test the antibacterial coating developed and patented by Kastus. It is really effective – the laboratory analyses confirm that it kills 99.999% of bacteria.

At our booth, we will also present the industrial computers designed by Advantech, a global leader in the field of embedded systems.
Last month, we officially joined the Advantech’s sales network. We provide the whole range of the company’s industrial products and solutions.


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