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The Antibacterial Coating For Life

The Antibacterial Coating For Life

The largest bacterial habitat at the airport? The touch screen of the self-check-in kiosk. It has been estimated that on average there are over 250.000 CFU (with one record result over 1.000.000 CFU*!).

Every day we are surrounded by solutions with touch panels like ticket machines, ATMs, cash registers. It is hard to not use them. The bacteria need just 5 seconds to transfer on our fingers(!).

The good and the bad

Not all bacteria are harmful to us. Some of them are necessary for the proper functioning of the body. But the bacteria found in samples collected from the airport’s touch panels may cause food poisoning, inflammation (e.g. lung), infections (e.g. skin, sinus, ear), etc.

CFU (colony-forming units) determines the number of microorganisms detected in the analyzed sample.

We refer to the study study carried out by Insurance Quotes. It contains the samples taken from different surfaces at three airports and three major airlines in the USA, i.a.:

  •  airline gate bench armrest –  21.630 CFU,
  •  lavatory flush button in airplane’s toilet  (95.145 CFU),
  •  tray table (11.595 CFU),
  •  seat belt buckle (1.116 CFU).

The values are averaged and refer to square inches (in2).

The minimalization of risk

The producents of electronic devices are competing. They create solutions that are not only user-friendly but also user-safe. That is why the touch panels are more and more often covered with antibacterial coatings, usually using antiseptic properties of silver particles.

Yet, there is a worth considering solution by Kastus. Their patented recipe is based on other ingredients than silver particles. It is really effective – the laboratory analyses confirm that it kills 99.999% of bacteria. What is more, it provides protection for life, 24/7.

The maximization of durability

The Kastus’ antibacterial coating is perfect for crowded places, where the touch panels are operated by thousands of people a day. It does not affect the quality of the displayed content and the operation of the device. Actually, it is intangible to the user.

In comparison to solutions based on silver particles, it is exceptionally durable – it does not need re-application throughout the lifetime of the device. The laboratory analyses prove that it does not show any damage even after 3.000 cleaning cycles using a nylon brush and chemicals. It does not affect antibacterial properties.

Contact us check how we can improve the protection of your devices.


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