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Litemax – the highest quality since 2000

Litemax – the highest quality since 2000

Litemax, one of the worlds’ leading LCDs manufacturers, celebrates its 20th anniversary. Throughout this period, the Taiwanese company’s priority was continuous development using the latest technologies to provide customers with excellent products like, e.g., displays of Spanpixel and Durapixel series.

Unisystem is cooperating with Litemax for almost a decade. Since the beginning, the LCDs of the Spanpixel and Durapixel series are the most frequently chosen solutions by our customers. That is why Litemax is one of the essential suppliers in Unisystem’s portfolio. In this article, we would like to tell you more about the mentioned series, indicating their key parameters and functionalities as well as potential areas of application.

Spanpixel is a series known from the non-standard sizes obtaining by the technology of cutting the elements creating the display – glass, polarizers, circuits, and boards, but without losing their original performance. This method allows the producer to develop high-quality solutions while optimizing the costs. 

Durapixel displays are characterized by a significantly extended product life, which is also emphasized in the name of the whole series (durable). The average time of failure-free operation for many models is at least 100,000 hours, but Litemax’s designers aim to gain this value in other solutions. To compare – the standard lifetime for LCDs is about 30,000 to 70,000 hours. 

Outstanding parameters

One of the essential traits distinguishing Litemax products is increased brightness which usually starts at 1000 cd/m2 (at the customer’s request this parameter can be tailored to the project requirements reaching a value of up to 4500 cd/m2). These models can be successfully used in indoor and outdoor applications – the 1000 cd/m2 brightness ensures appropriate readability of the content presented on displays even in intensely lit spaces.

You should also take a look at the wide range of operating temperatures from -40°C to 85°C. Litemax differentiates three scopes for this parameter: T1 (from -20°C to 70°C), T2 (from -40°C to 70°C) and T3 (from -40°C to 85°C).

Additional features

For years, manufacturers have been developed the technologies that improve the offered products, thus increasing the customers’ satisfaction (also stand out on the LCDs market and outdo the competitors, of course). One of them is the MaxRGB™, a color calibration technology developed by Litemax. It increases the color saturation (over 90% concerning the NTSC D65 standard) so that they better reproduce their real equivalents (which also increases their number regarding, e.g., sRGB standard).

Another technology used by various manufacturers, including Litemax, is local dimming which adapts the LED-backlight to the displayed picture, enhancing the difference between dark and bright areas. It not only increases the contrast and depth of black but also reduces the amount of power consumed by the display. 

The increased brightness of the Spanpixel and Durapixel series solutions encourages their use in sunny outdoor locations. In this case, you should remember that solar radiation’s intensity can heat the display’s surface to over 100°C. When reaching such values, the liquid crystals forming the LCD matrix can “overheat” yielding in a change of their aggregation state – they exhibit the isotropic instead of the nematic phase (learn more about the liquid crystals – here). As a result of the loss of its original properties and limited light transmission, you can notice the black spots on the screen. The hiTNI technology (also known as Hi-Tni or high TNI) implemented in selected Litemax’s displays prevents this phenomenon guaranteeing the proper operation of the modules even at 110°C.

Potential areas of application

Litemax displays are used in a wide range of applications as information carriers. In transport – both at stations and airports, as well as in the vehicles – they can be used to present relevant from the passenger’s point of view messages, like timetables. They will also work well in digital signage systems, including trade (e.g., for displaying advertisements), gastronomy and hotel industry (e.g., for placing orders in restaurants or coordinating conferences in hotels), as well as corporate communication (e.g., informing about upcoming events). Litemax displays can also be applied in the medical industry – as screens of various devices (e.g., ultrasound scanners) and information points (e.g., in waiting rooms). They can also be used in kiosks – e.g., fuel dispensers, tickets- and parking meters or POS (Point of Sales, e.g., self-service cash registers). Litemax also offers several displays for industry applications (e.g., in control panels – HMI (Human Machine Interface)). Moreover, some models have been adapted to work in “demanding” conditions, such as mining (e.g., in measuring equipment).

It is also worth mentioning another series of Litemax – the Navpixel family, which consists of displays and computers for the maritime industry. They are suitable for solutions exposed to contact with water, as their design ensures the degree of protection IP65-IP68 following the EN 60529:2003 standard.

The table presents several displays by Litemax which are the top choices of Unisystem’s clients – each product in the “H” variant sold as a set with the AD Board. The offer also includes other versions – “F” (without AD Board), “O” (in an open frame housing), and “D” (in a full housing).

interfaceoperation temperature (°C)MTBF (h)
DurapixelDLH0708-T7.01280×8001600LVDS, DVI-D, HDMI, VGA-20~70100 000
DurapixelDLH1085-E10.41024×7681000LVDS, DVI-D, VGA-20~7070 000
LVDS, DVI-D, VGA-30~8570 000
DurapixelDLH2415-E24.01920×10801000LVDS, DVI-D, VGA0~5070 000
DurapixelDLH5506-LNU55.03840×21601200DVI-D, DP, HDMI, V-by-One, VGA0~50100 000
SpanpixelSSH0635-E6.21024×2501000LVDS, DVI-D, HDMI, VGA-30~8070 000
SpanpixelSSH1505-E15.01280×2421000LVDS, DVI-D, VGA0~5070 000
SpanpixelSSH2845-E*28.01920×3571000LVDS, DVI-D, VGA0~5070 000
SpanpixelSSH3805-I37.61920×5401000LVDS, DVI-D, HDMI, VGA0~50100 000
SpanpixelSSH5197-INU51.93840×10771400DVI-D, DP, HDMI, V-by-One, VGA0~50100 000

* The SSF2845-E model meets the requirements of the railway EN 50155:2018-01 standard.

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