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E-paper – modern technology also in industrial applications

E-paper – modern technology also in industrial applications

Recent years have brought a lot of innovation in the field of electronics, especially regarding new display technology. OLED panels are increasingly replacing STN-based displays, but where occurs a need for high energy efficiency, EPD (Electronic Paper Display) modules are a perfect choice. EPD technology has been used for a long time only in consumer e-book readers. Recently, the range of EPD applications has expanded by industrial applications.

E-paper displays are a novelty in Unisystem offer. Unisystem has decided to expand the offer because the technology of manufacturing industrial EPD displays is already developed enough to be successfully used in a variety of industrial applications. By adding e-paper to the assortment, our offer has become complete and includes all existing information visualization technologies.

Popular EPD applications:

  • electronic prices
  • weather stations
  • smart homes
  • modern timetables
  • interactive information boards
  • e-badges
  • smart watches
  • … and much more

Advantages of EPD technology

EPD technology is based on the phenomenon of electrophoresis, which consists in separating the mixture of chemicals into homogeneous fractions by forcing the movement of their molecules in the electric field. E-paper does not have a power-consuming backlight. Display charges the electricity only when the displayed content is changed. This guarantees high energy efficiency. Undoubtedly, the great advantage of this technology is also the fact that after setting the image, it is visible all the time without power.

E-paper displays have unlimited viewing angles, which means that the presented content is legible from every angle, regardless of the recipient’s location. EPDs have extremely compact size. E-paper’s small thickness and weight enable to use it in applications where these parameters are crucial (e.g. e-prices).

Not only black-and-white

The most popular and technologically advanced are the two-color versions of e-paper displays (black-and-white). There have already been introduced full color consumer modules in the world. However, most of them are based on RGB filters, so the displayed colors are little saturated. In the industrial displays area, the two basic colors are still black and white, but Unisystem also offers tri-color displays (black-white-red). The tricolor e-paper construction is based on a three-pigment microcapsule system. Thanks to this structure, all colors are clear and saturated what attracts the attention of the recipient.

We encourage to familiarize with the current offer on e-paper technology. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


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