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Display comparison: LCD TFT vs. OLED vs. LED What is the best option?

Display comparison: LCD TFT vs. OLED vs. LED What is the best option?

Are you about to buy a display? Feeling lost with all the options available: TFT LCD, OLED and LED? Do abbreviations sound complicated to you and don’t make the decision easy?

Use this simple guide to help you recognize screen types. You will no longer be standing in front of a TV showcase. Discover the differences between TFT LCD, OLED and LED.

Fundamental differences between TFT LCDs, OLEDs and LEDs

Looking for the best device for your needs? Start with understanding the differences between TFT LCD and OLED along with the differences between TFT LCD and LED.


TFT LCDs use a matrix of thin-film transistors to control each pixel. Its small size and energy savings appeal to viewers. However, the devices do not always provide satisfactory color saturation (colors are not as vibrant). Other advantages of TFT LCD over OLED include reliability and durability.


OLEDs, on the other hand, represent a significant advance. Each pixel emits its own light, eliminating the need for backlighting. The viewer can admire deep blacks and exceptional color contrast. The technology has a flexible structure. Curved screens offer a wide viewing angle.

However, OLED displays tend to have a high price tag, are very large and fragile to shocks. The most common defect is the burned pixel, i.e. a blown-out diode resulting in dead spots.



LED displays use light-emitting diodes to emit images. These diodes consist of a semiconductor chip with a plastic structure. They emit light when an electric current passes through them.

LED displays are a very economical solution because they consume little electricity. In addition, they offer great visual impact and high luminosity outdoors. Therefore, they are used in billboards, attention systems, store signs and other devices that remain on for a long time.

Advantages and disadvantages of TFT LCDs vs. OLED and LEDs

Which display wins in the comparison between TFT LCD and OLED? The main advantage of TFT LCD displays is undoubtedly the price. These devices are less expensive than OLEDs. In addition, these models are known for their resistance.

Comparison between TFT LCD and OLED

However, it should be noted that the image quality of TFT LCDs, in terms of black tones and color gamut, is inferior. OLEDs present a vivid image and a wide color range. They are best for users seeking a superior experience.

Cost comparison: Which technology offers the best value?

One of the advantages of LCD TFT over OLED is its economical price. OLED displays, on the other hand, represent a larger investment.

The costs of TFT LCD versus OLED make them ideal displays for tight budgets. LED displays offer a balance between price and durability.

Image quality and performance in different lighting conditions

A photograph of an LCD or OLED screen displaying a vibrant and colorful abstract design The screen is thin and sleek- with a high resolution and brig copy

Watching a movie in a makeshift theater in the basement is not the same as watching it in a light-filled living room. Familiarize yourself with the differences between TFT LCDs and OLEDs.

Advantages of TFT LCD over OLED

TFT LCDs do quite well in daylight, but in the dark, black tones tend to be rather gray. It’s not the end of the world, but if you’re a movie buff, they may not be your first choice.

Comparison between TFT LCD and OLED

OLEDs have an incredible advantage in the dark: the contrast leaves you speechless. But, beware, in brightly lit places, they lose a bit of their magic, and do not shine like their competitors.

Comparison between TFT LCD and LED

What are the differences between TFT LCD and LED? TFT LCD displays offer good viewing angles and consistent color quality, while LED displays stand out for their higher brightness and efficiency.

Which display technology is best for your specific needs?

If you ‘re a movie buff, for the best possible picture quality, go for an OLED. This screen gives you an incredible contrast that makes every scene look like it came out of a movie theater.

If you are looking for a screen to work with, opt for the TFT LCD. This device offers good image quality at an affordable price.

Think about what you value most and choose the right display. We hope our comparison between TFT LCD and OLED has helped you.


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