WEO012864ALLPP3N00000 – Graphic OLED display from Winstar Co.

WEO012864AL is a 2.42-inch COG structure graphic OLED display, made of resolution 128×64 pixels. This module is built-in with SH1106 IC; it can be communicated via I2C, 4-wire SPI serial or 6800, 8080 parallel interface and, its 10,000:1 high contrast ratio makes the display image more clear. The supply voltage of logic is 1.65 V~ 3.3 V (typical value 3V), supply voltage for display is 6.4V~ 13.5V (typical value 13V), 1/64 driving duty. WEO012864AL series has PCB board, ZIF FPC, and Hotbar FPC versions optional.

The COG OLED display is very suitable for handheld products, measuring instruments, smart meters, wearable products, IoT devices, etc., due to its thin, light weight and low current consumption features. This module can be operating at temperatures from -40℃ to +80℃; its storage temperatures range from -40℃ to +85℃.

Size (inch)
Content ColorYellow
Characters x Rows128x64
Interface6800, 8080, I²C, SPI
Module typeCOG - Chip on Glass
Outline Dimensions60.5x37.0x2.01
Operating temp. (°C)-40~80

Full observation angles

Full observation angles

Using an IPS/MVA (or a variation thereof) matrix, the display is readable from all angles. There is no grayscale inversion effect that characterizes popular TN matrices. Also, the decrease in contrast when increasing the viewing angle is much lower.

High brightness (wide format)

High brightness

High brightness of the image (high brightness) is a feature that is extremely useful when the display is in bright sunlight. With this functionality, the content displayed is fully readable by the user. High Brightness displays can be successfully used, for example, in exhibitions, kiosks, on trains and buses, as digital signage, or as part of other outdoor solutions.

Dimensions60,5 × 37 × 2,01 cm
Size (inch)
Content Color


Characters x Rows



6800, 8080, I²C, SPI





Module type

COG – Chip on Glass

Outline Dimensions


Operating temp. (°C)




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