DEPG0420YNU276F14 – Electronic Paper Display by DKE

DKE’s DEPG0420YNU276F14 e-paper 4.2-inch display of 300×400 resolution and 120 DPI. The content is displayed in three colors: black, yellow, and white.

Active Area84.8 x 63.6
Outline Dimensions91.0 x 77.0 x 1.2
Operating temp. (°C)0~50
Storage temp. (°C)-25~70
SpecialI²C for temp. measurement

Holds image without power consumption


EPD (Electronic Paper Display) technology is defined as bistable. This means that each e-paper matrix cell may occur in one of two available states and no electrical energy is required to maintain displayed content, e.g. cells in black-and-white display arrange in a way to display black (state ‘0’) or white (state ‘1’) color. Energy is only needed to change the cells position, simplifying – to change the display image. Thanks to this feature, EPD technology is a perfect solution in applications where content is changed relatively rarely (e.g. e-prices, e-timetables, e-readers, smart watches and more).

Ultra low power consumption

low power

Exceptionally low power consumption of e-paper displays in comparison to standard LCD TFT modules results from the two characteristics of this technology. Firstly, EPD (Electronic Paper Display) does not require backlight what significantly reduces energy consumption. Secondly, e-paper consumes electricity only when changing the displayed content. It is a significant advantage over LCDs (the displayed content needs a continuous power supply in order to be visible) when it comes to energy efficiency.

Excellent sunlight readability

E-paper displays, like the real paper, are perfectly legible in the sunlight. This property is due to their design and applied technology. The EPD (Electronic Paper Display) is a reflective display which means that it reflects light from the environment. The brighter the exterior, the more clearly the human eye perceives the displayed content. It can be assumed that if the image on standard paper is readable under the lighting conditions, then on e-paper also.

Ultra thin


EPD (Electronic Paper Display) technology does not require backlight. This feature affects the thickness of the entire module – in some models it is even less than 1 mm. Modern ultrathin displays are much more convenient and versatile in design and assembly, providing a result consistent with the latest industrial design and trends.








Active Area

84.8 x 63.6

Outline Dimensions

91.0 x 77.0 x 1.2

Operating temp. (°C)


Storage temp. (°C)



I²C for temp. measurement



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