EPD-COMPACT-DEMO-UH – compact board for E-paper displays


The e-paper board is designed by our R & D department and can be used as:

  • A test platform for Holitech displays –the 32-bit STM32F031C6T6 microcontroller with the ARM Cortex-M0 core makes possible programming and comprehensive testing of e-paper displays. The programmer has at his disposal one freely configurable button. The button is connected to one of the GPIO port pins of the mounted microcontroller, so the programmer chooses the way in which it operates. Programming is conducted via SWD connector – a standard for the STM32 microcontrollers family.
  • Display control board with an external microcontroller – E-paper Compact Board has installed all needd components for the proper operation of the e-paper display. Primarily, these are elements of the charge pump which is necessary to refresh the display’s content. Disassembly of jumpers R4 ÷ R9 and R11 disconnects the display from the built-in microcontroller and enables to use the demo board as a breakout board. Signals necessary to control a display are then led to the P1 gold connector. Such solution enables controlling the display by an external microcontroller while the built device is in the prototype phase.
Applicationcompact board for E-paper displays

compact board for E-paper displays



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