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Visionect was founded in 2007 by three young researchers – economist Matej Zalar, IT expert Luka Birs and electronics engineer Rok Zalar. The founders saw the business potential in a market niche which was the production of software and hardware tailored to e-paper displays. The company has created an innovative platform that wirelessly manages interactive e-paper displays.

The main advantage of the platform created by Visionect is the possibility of adaptation for use in various places and solutions. Compared to the very popular LCD, LED and TFT displays currently used in digital signage solutions, e-paper displays ensure better readability of content even in direct sunlight and generate much higher energy savings. The battery lasts up to 12 months of work, and with the use of solar panels, the displays are practically self-sufficient. Data transfer takes place via Wi-Fi or 3G networks, so you can manage them from any location.

Commercial labels

Central management of dynamic information in conjunction with a readable e-paper display, allows you to display current information about products, prices and promotions. Electronic trade labels are used on shelves in retail electronics stores, furniture stores, high-quality clothing stores, car dealerships and more. Labels are centrally managed and monitored by the Visionect Software Suite.

Information points

E-paper is the future in the development of smart cities. As an external information platform, it allows for effective transfer of information, with the possibility of changing the content in one or more points at the same time. Control takes place from one place. Thanks to the solar panels used, the created information points are self-sufficient, and the cellular communication allows you to change and update data regarding, for example, the time of bus arrival or the program of cultural events.

Bus stations

Digital bus stops provide up-to-date information on the timetable, detours and traffic. Providing real-time information allows passengers to travel more comfortably and enables transport agencies to control the demand and smoothness of journeys. Thanks to the built-in solar panels and low energy demand, they do not require connection to the power grid.

Road signs

E-paper road signs are ahead of current electronic signs in terms of legibility and energy consumption. Thanks to the use of solar energy, they can be easily used in places where there is no extensive power grid. Such possibilities reduce the costs of affixing temporary and permanent markings. The displayed content is updated by connecting the module to the cellular network. This ensures that the information can be changed from the right place, and thus allows you to display always up-to-date content. The first such system was implemented in Sydney.

Museum labels

Electronic museum labels represent the perfect combination of Visionect Software Suite modules and software designed to perfectly complement the museum infrastructure. The thin and light display, perfectly blending into the gallery space, offers significant savings in printing paper labels, while maintaining excellent readability. The thin and light display, perfectly blending into the gallery space, offers significant savings in printing paper labels, while maintaining excellent readability. The module has a built-in battery that allows even several months of operation. The speed and ease of changing the displayed content is ensured by the installed Wi-Fi module. The wireless content change and the installed battery mean that the device does not need external wiring.

Room booking system for meetings – JOAN

The JOAN system allows you to display the current room booking schedule, the integrated touch panel allows you to quickly enter a new meeting. The system allows for integration with the current infrastructure, including Google Suite, the Office365 calendar. The entire module is wireless and can be mounted on all surfaces, even windows. JOAN received the Red Dot Award Design Award and the CES Innovation Award for ecological solutions.

More detailed information can be found on the manufacturer’s website at or by contacting our technical department.

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