As one of the key suppliers on the market, BOE offers a wide range of products, including:

BOE products are used in many branches of the electronics market. They are used for the production of devices for the consumer market, such as smartphones, tablets, notebooks, monitors, TVs and for the industrial market (displays in information systems, industrial IoT solutions, medical equipment).

The implementation of the company’s main idea: “technology leader, leader in introducing products to the global market, co-creating added value” allows for achieving high results. The products that were first introduced to the global market are in over 39% BOE devices. In 2015, the company submitted 6,156 patents for new solutions. Currently, the company has over 40,000 patents that are actively used, making BOE a leader in new technologies.

BOE focuses mainly on three areas:


BOE is a pioneer in the innovation and development of TFT-LCD display technology. The company’s activities are aimed at accelerating progress in the development of new technologies and products, such as flexible displays, VR (virtual reality) or AR (augmented reality). The goal of BOE is to create light, thin, energy-saving and environmentally friendly products that will faithfully reproduce colors, have wide viewing angles and high resolution.

Intelligent systems

BOE focuses on providing intelligent industrial systems for integrated displays and IoT solutions. Based on extensive experience in display technology, artificial intelligence and sensors, BOE develops an intelligent manufacturing system for integrated displays, PV energy solutions, in-vehicle internet systems, mobile medical solutions, information display applications, and AR and VR.

Medical equipment

BOE is committed to advancing information healthcare and delivering specialized, intelligent products and services to the medical sector. Thanks to the knowledge of technology related to displays and sensors, artificial intelligence and Big Data support (large, variable and diverse data sets) and the ability to integrate all factors into ready-made solutions, BOE provides fully functional, intelligent systems and products for use in the medical industry.

More detailed information can be found on the manufacturer’s website at or by contacting our sales department.

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