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Anti-shatter touch screens

Anti-shatter touch screens

AMT is a manufacturer of high-quality and durability touch panels, meeting the military and medical industry standards. Due to the high versatility of applications, these products often appear in public places – exposed to high traffic and the accumulation of people. That is why AMT pays a lot of attention to issues related to the users’ security while designing its comprehensive touch solutions. This is particularly important in medical applications, where the safety of staff, patient and operator is prioritized.

AMT Anti-shatter Film prevents the spread of glass shards after module damage. Numerous tests have shown that no glass fragments from a broken touch panel or LCD will get out of the module protected by the described coating, even if both components are damaged.

The Anti-shatter Film is available in two hardnesses: 3H or 7H and has a light transmission of 89% (+/-3%). It also meets the requirements specified for the UL94VTM-2 flammability rating..

Issues regarding user safety are increasingly raised during the process of designing the devices. Thanks to this, the Anti-shatter Film can be used extensively in various types of applications. You can be sure that after using it to the front side of touch panels installed in systems like public information kiosks the number of users injuries will decrease significantly. In food preparation equipment it will minimize the risk of food contamination with glass shards. It can also protect the modules installed in the navigation and information systems installed in public transport vehicles.

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