WG19264A-TFH-VZ# – Graphic LCD display from Winstar Co.

Graphic LCD display module, COB type (Chip On Board) WG19264A-TFH-VZ# from Winstar Co. with 192×64 resolution, white background color and black content. LCD matrix is a positive FSTN with transflective polarizer. The display allows the use of 6800 interface. The module has NT7107/NT7108 controller.

Content ColorBlack
Background ColorWhite
Viewing Direction6:00
Module TypeCOB - Chip on Board
Type LCDFSTN Positive
Polarizer TypeTransflective
ControllerNT7107, NT7108
Active Area96.9x32.0
Outline Dimensions130.0x65.0x12.9
Operating temp. (°C)-20~70
Storage temp. (°C)-30~80
Special5V power supply

COG (Chip on glass)

Displays with Chip on Glass characterize with smaller thickness of all outer dimensions and thanks to more hermetic construction they are tighter and more shock-resistant. Additionally, they are more price-attractive and have lower power consumption.

Inbuilt voltage generator

Apart from controller’s logic voltage supply, to obtain a suitable contrast the display requires an additional voltage. Thanks to an inbuilt voltage generator, there is no need to supply the display with outer voltage.


Content Color

Background Color

Viewing Direction

Module Type

Type LCD

Polarizer Type




Active Area

Outline Dimensions

Operating temp. (°C)

Storage temp. (°C)



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