DLD1015-V – Industrial monitor from Litemax Co.

DLD1015-V is 10.1-inch industrial monitor with 1024×600 resolution (any view) from Litemax Co., without TFT controller, interface: LVDS and VGA. The module is equipped with an Edge LED backlight, LED inverter, an AD Board and local dimming. The display characterizes with a brightness of 1000 cd/m2, a static contrast ratio of 900:1 and an ability to work in the industrial temperature range (-20~70°C).
Size (inch)10.1
Aspect ratio16:9
Brightness (cd/m²)1000
Viewing Direction12:00, 6:00, Full
Active Area222.7x125.3
Outline Dimensions235x143x7, 54
Operating temp. (°C)-20~70
Storage temp. (°C)-30~80

Full viewing angles

Pełne kąty obserwacji

Thanks to using a matrix with IPS/MVA technology (or variants), display is readable from any angle. There is no gray scale inversion effect which is a normal feature of popular TN matrixes. A decrease in contrast when increasing the viewing angle is also significantly lower.

Local Dimming

Local Dimming technology is based on dimming locally the backlight depending on currently presented on display content. Lack of light transmission through LCD-TFT matrix and turning out the backlight has a significant meaning in obtaining a black area in displays with Local Dimming. Such solution allows to receive significantly higher contrast and deeper blackness. An additional advantage of Local Dimming technology is considerably higher energy efficiency.

AD Board (Ultra-wide)


This module has an inbuilt AD Board. Thanks to this solution, it is possible to transmit video signal through HDMI, DVI, VGA or Composite. Different devices have different connectors. For more information, please refer to documentation.

Size (inch)


Aspect ratio


Brightness (cd/m²)


Viewing Direction

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Active Area

Outline Dimensions


Operating temp. (°C)

Storage temp. (°C)

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