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Ultrawide displays by Winstar

Ultrawide displays by Winstar

There are several bar type displays in the Unisystem’s offer, such as two 5.2-inch WF52ATLASDNN0# and WF52BTIASDNG0# by Winstar. They are widely used in various applications due to their universal parameters.

The parameters of WF52ATLASDNN0# and WF52BTIASDNG0# are similar except for, e.g., brightness – 500 cd/m2 for WF52ATLASDNN0# and 400 cd/m2 for WF52BTIASDNG0#, what make them a typical solution for indoor applications.

It is worth underlining that viewing angles of describing modules are different – it is 6 o’clock for WF52ATLASDNN0# and 12 o’clock for WF52BTIASDNG0#. Please ensure that the chosen model fits your project (otherwise – you should redesign your device by inverting the module).

The main difference between these models is in touch panel as only WF52BTIASDNG0# has a capacitive touch panel in standard (on customer’s demand we can also upgrade WF52ATLASDNN0# by adding a chosen touch panel – capacitive or resistive).

We present the crucial parameters of WF52ATLASDNN0# and WF52BTIASDNG0# in the table:

LCD typeTFT, transmissiveTFT, transmissive
active area127.152×33.9072 mm127.152×33.9072 mm
brightness500 cd/m2400 cd/m2
contrast ratio500:1500:1
viewing angle6:0012:00
surface treatmentglareglare
backlightLED, whiteLED, white
LED life time50.000 h50.000 h
InterfaceRGB 24bitRGB 24bit
outline dimensions140.4×49.87×3.0 mm140.4×49.87×4.96 mm
operating temperature-20°~70°C-20°~70°C
touch panelnonecapacitive (PCAP)

Both models, due to ultrawide shape, are perfect matches for various home appliances as audio and video players as well as coffee makers (and many others). They can also be used in professional equipment, e.g., amplifies or equalizers. 

Furthermore, WF52BTIASDNG0# (with touch panel) can be applied in building automation systems. It can be a screen in wall-mounted control panels dedicated to monitor and adjust, e.g., lighting or heating. Imagine how easy event planning would be with a device mounted next to the conference rooms – you can spontaneously check the current meetings or schedule upcoming appointments.

The surface of WF52ATLASDNN0# and WF52BTIASDNG0# is glare, so antiglare (AG) or anti-reflective (AR) coatings might be required. They not only reduce reflections but also enhance the readability of the content. (Learn more about other coatings – here.)


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