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The WF70A2 series by Winstar

Winstar’s solutions for industrial applications frequently appear in our publications. No wonder – it has been one of the leading manufacturers of LCDs and OLEDs in the world for over 23 years, focusing on products for more demanding applications. The models from the new WF70A2 series are one of many examples that the high quality of Winstar displays results from their many years of experience and knowledge.

Depending on the project’s requirements, the displays of the WF70A2 series will prove themselves in many industrial applications. However, solutions for the consumer market such as 3D printers, car accessories, smart home systems, and control panels for advanced office equipment will also benefit from the use of 7-inch LCD-TFT displays.

It is industrial equipment, though, that allows using the advantages of the given models entirely. In addition to the basic models of the series (WF70A2TIAGDNN0#), modules WF70A2TIAGDNGA# and WF70A2TIGGDNGA# are also equipped with capacitive touch screens and advanced ILI2130 controllers.

CTP technology and ILITEK controller

Specification as mentioned above equals the better adaptation of the displays to more demanding applications – the capacitive touch technology means better resistance to damage and multi-touch support. Increased contrast and high brightness ensure good readability of the displayed information. In addition, the ILI2130 touch controller from ILITEK allows the operation of the given modules in more challenging conditions – it meets industry standards, thanks to which the display is resistant to moisture and can operate in temperatures between -20 °C up to 70 °C. The LCDs of the WF70A2 series also perform well in specific electromagnetic environments, where both the low emission of the solution and its resistance to interference from other sources are important. This is possible, again, by using the ILI2130 controller in the device.

The table below presents the most crucial parameters of selected models from the series:

active area154.08(H) x 85.92(V) mm154.08(H) x 85.92(V) mm154.08(H) x 85.92(V) mm
brightness400 cd/m2350 cd/m2350 cd/m2
contrast ratio800:1800:1800:1
viewing direction12:0012:0012:00
controller TFTST5623D + ST5091DST5623D + ST5091DST5623D + ST5091D
controller PCAPnoneILI2130ILI2130
outline dimensions165(H) x 100.0(V) x 5.7(D) mm165(H) x 100.0(V) x 7.4(D) mm182.2(H) x 101.2(V) x 8.6(D) mm
operating temperature-20-70℃-20-70℃-20-70℃
operating lifetime50 000 h50 000 h50 000 h
surface treatmentAnti-GlareGlareGlare
mounting framenonenoneyes


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