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The 3.9-inch wide-screen displays by Winstar

The 3.9-inch wide-screen displays by Winstar

There are a few 3.9-, 4.6-, and 5.2-inches bar type displays offered by Winstar, one of the key Unisystem’s suppliers. In this article, we want to present three 3.9-inch solutions: WF39CTIASDNN0#, WF39BTLASDNN0#, and WF39BSQASDNN0#, pointing out their key parameters and potential applications.

Similar parameters characterize WF39CTIASDNN0# and WF39BTLASDNN0#, except for the viewing angle – 12 o’clock for WF39CTIASDNN0# and 6 o’clock for WF39BTLASDNN0#. The brightness of both models comes to 500 cd/m2, making them a typical solution for indoor applications (e.g., in buildings or vehicles). However, they also can go with devices located in roofed outdoor (e.g., stations). 

There are no such limits in the case of WF39BSQASDNN0#. Its brightness comes to 1000 cd/m2 so it can be used both in indoor and outdoor solutions; the content presented on display will be readable even in the intensive lighted spaces.  The only impediment of WF39BSQASDNN0# might be the 6 o’clock viewing angle – the designers have to invert the module in the devices that require 12 o’clock.

What is more, each of these models (as well as other bar type solutions) can be combined with a touch sensor. We can do it for you in our new rebuilt cleanroom (contact us to get a quotation). 

In the table below we present crucial parameters of described models of WF39 series:

LCD typeTFT, transmissiveTFT, transmissiveTFT, transmissive
active area95.04×25.34 mm95.04×25.34 mm95.04×25.34 mm
brightness500 cd/m2500 cd/m21000 cd/m2
contrast ratio500:1500:1500:1
viewing angle12:006:006:00
surface treatmentanti-glareanti-glareanti-glare
backlightLED, whiteLED, whiteLED, white
LED lifetime50 000 h50 000 h50 000 h
interfaceRGB 24 bitRGB 24 bitRGB 24 bit
outline dimensions105.50(W)x37.00(H)x3.05(D) mm105.50(W)x37.00(H)x3.05(D) mm105.50(W)x37.00(H)x3.05(D) mm
operating temperature-20℃~+70℃-20℃~+70℃-30℃~+80℃

The WF39CTIASDNN0# and WF39BTLASDNN0# models can be used in various home appliances (audio and video players, amplifiers or equalizers, microwaves, coffee makers, weather stations) as well as other electronic accessories, e.g., computer (printers or scanners). Both models may become a part of home or office smart building systems as displays of wall-mounted panels (to control, e.g., lighting or heating). The wide-screen shape also connotes displays of ticket validators in vehicles, e.g., trams or buses.

The WF39BSQASDNN0#, besides the applications suggested for WF39CTIASDNN0# and WF39BTLASDNN0# models, works out in various indoor and outdoor kiosks, e.g., vending machines, ticket machines, parking meters, POS (points of sale, e.g., self-service checkouts). Moreover, the wide operating temperature range and high brightness of this model, encourage its usage in industry, e.g., stationary measuring devices. The other area that might take advantage of excellent parameters of WF39BSQASDNN0# is automotive, e.g., in car radios.

Check the other bar type displays by Winstar: 4.6” (WF46ATIATDNNA#) and 5.2” (e.g., WF52BTIASDNG0# and WF52ATLASDNN0#). Contact us if you need another wide-screen solution – we are here to help you.


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