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Longlife OLEDs with capacitive touch panel by Winstar

Longlife OLEDs with capacitive touch panel by Winstar

At the beginning of this year, we wrote about the WEX025664B series by Winstar– an industrial grade 3.12-inch OLED displays available in four colors (white, yellow, green, or blue). Today we would like to return to this series and present models with the built-in capacitive touch screen technology (CTP/P-CAP). Together with OLEDs from its sister line WEN025664B and the ones belonging to the WEP012864Q series (also with integrated capacitive touch), they are all worth taking a closer look at.

Those six models with CTP touchscreens – two for each Winstar’s line mentioned above – are available in two color versions: white (WEP012864QWPP3D00000WEX025664BWPP3D00000WEN025664BWPP3D00000) and yellow (WEP012864QLPP3D00000WEX025664BLPP3D00000WEN025664BLPP3D00000).

OLED (or Organic Light Emitting Diodes) displays are known for their exceptional contrast ratio. It can be much higher than in their LCD counterparts, thanks to the possibility of turning off each pixel. This makes it possible to show real blackness on the screen – the given pixel is truly black only when switched off. As a result, the difference between the brightest and darkest spots on the displayed image can be technically infinite. Each featured module by Winstar offers a contrast ratio of 10 000:1. More detailed info regarding OLED technology is available in one of our Uni’s ABC articles – here.

Since OLED pixels emit light by themselves – each one is an independent source of it – such solutions do not require a backlight. This affects the thickness and weight of the entire module. Capacitive touch technology applied in Winstar’s solutions guarantees higher touch sensitivity and multi-touch support. Therefore, they are perfect for any energy, communication, or industrial control systems.

The table below presents the parameters of 6 models with P-CAP touch within three series:

active area76.778(H) x 19.178(V) mm76.78(H) x 19.18(V) mm61.41(H) x 30.69(V) mm
brightness110 cd/m2150 cd/m290 cd/m2
contrast ratio10000:110000:110000:1
viewing angles160° / 160°160° / 160°160° / 160°
interfaceparallel 8-bit, SPIparallel 8-bit, SPIparallel 4-bit, parallel 8-bit, I²C, SPI
outline dimensions89.2(H) x 29.0(V) x 3.17(D) mm89.2(H) x 44.0(V) x 7.98(D) mm82.0(H) x 47.5(V) x 8.65(D) mm
operating temperature-20-70℃-20-70℃-20-70℃
operating lifetime50 000 h50 000 h20 000 h
available content colorswhite/yellowwhite/yellowwhite/yellow

Such displays as the WEX025664B, WEN025664B, and WEP012864Q series with P-CAP technology can also operate in temperatures between -20°C up to 70°C. Therefore, they suit more challenging environments, in both outdoor and indoor applications. From high-end household appliances, through parking meters, self-service checkouts, or ticket machines, to advanced smart technology devices and medical instruments – OLED displays with CTP touchscreens by Winstar are one the most versatile solutions in Unisystem’s offer.


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