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AUO’s new, over 40-inch displays for digital signage

AUO’s new, over 40-inch displays for digital signage

AUO introduces new solutions for the digital signage area quite regularly – the Unisystem’s offer is joined by the 42.8-inch P420IVN03.0 and the 49.5-inch P495IVN01.0, both using hiTNI technology.

Models P495IVN01.0 and P420IVN03.0* differ in their size but are similar in specification. They offer increased brightness (1500 cd/m2 and 2500 cd/m2 respectively), high contrast (4000:1), and wide viewing angles (89°/89°/89°/89°). They also use the hiTNI technology that prevents the liquid crystals in the screens themselves from changing the state of their aggregation under the influence of sunlight and temperatures. Without this solution, black spots could appear on the active area of the LCD if it is located at a heavily sunlit spot (more information about liquid crystals can be found in the article we wrote – here).

* the P420IVN03.0 model is no longer available in Unisystem’s offer – please contact us for information on alternative solutions. 

In the case of presenting content in outdoor applications, it should be remembered that the operating temperature range of these particular displays is from 0 to 50°C. In case of temperature extremes occurrence in winter or summer, the screens should be provided with additional sources of cooling and heating accordingly.

The most important parameters of P495IVN01.0 and P420IVN03.0 are presented in the table below:

aspect ratio16:4.516:4
active area1209.6(H)x340.2(V) mm1039.68(H)x259.92(V) mm
brightness1500 cd/m22500 cd/m2
contrast ratio40004000
viewing angles89°/89°/89°/89°89°/89°/89°/89°
surface treatmentanti-glare, 3Hanti-reflection
LED lifetime70 000 h50 000 h
outline dimensions1232.4(H)x363(V)x 25.1(D) mm1059.48(H)x283.32(V)x27.2(D) mm
weight6400 g5500 g
operating temperature0-50°C0-50°C

Such wide displays are perfect as information carriers in digital signage systems, in more commercial applications as well as in the public sector. Due to the size of both P495IVN01.0 and P420IVN03.0 and their increased brightness, the options are plenty – from placing screens in the means of public transport, through using them as information carriers in government offices, clinics, and hospitals, to implementing such displays into dedicated, tailor-made storefront projects.

In addition, the long LED lifetimes –  at least 50,000 h for P420IVN03.0 and a minimum of 70,000 h for P495IVN01.0 – along with any screen orientation option make it possible to customize the described models to all needs.

Contact us for more information on the given and other digital signage solutions from AUO.


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