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4-inch Square LCDs by Winstar

4-inch Square LCDs by Winstar

Soon, on the Unisystem’s offer, there will be available subsequent products by Winstar – two 4-inch square LCDs support MIPI DSI interface. In this article, we point out the applications in which they can be successfully used (these are not only smartphones, tablets, or laptops!).

WF40ETWAA6MNN0 and WF40ESWAA6MNN0 can be characterized by almost the same parameters – these are 4-inch square LCDs of 480×480 px resolution and 1:1 contrast ratio. The key difference is brightness – it is 500 cd/m2 for WF40ETWAA6MNN0 and 1000 cd/m2 for WF40ESWAA6MNN0, so the content presented on these LCDs will be sufficiently readable (in the intensively lighted spaces too). They can be used both in indoor (WF40ETWAA6MNN0) as well as outdoor applications (WF40ESWAA6MNN0). The temperature fluctuations will not be a problem – these models are adapted to operate in a wide range of temperatures, between -30 and 80°C.

WF40ETWAA6MNN0 and WF40ESWAA6MNN0 support the MIPI DSI interface. It is a differential signaling point-to-point serial bus, which uses parallel lanes – including one clock lane and one or more data lanes. The most important assets of the MIPI DSI interface are high efficiency obtained with low power consumption and immunity to electromagnetic interferences.

We present the crucial parameters of the described models in the table:  

resolution480×480 px480×480 px
aspect ratio1:11:1
active area71.856(H)x70.176(V) mm71.856(H)x70.176(V) mm
brightness500 cd/m21000 cd/m2
contrast ratio800:1800:1
viewing angles80°/80°/80°/80° (IPS)80°/80°/80°/80° (IPS)
interface2-lanes MIPI DSI2-lanes MIPI DSI
outline dimensions78.8(H)x82.95(W)x4.77(D) mm78.8(H)x82.95(W)x4.77(D) mm
operating temperature-30~80°C-30~80°C
LED life time50 000 h50 000 h

Although LCDs with MIPI DSI interface are primarily connoted with portable devices, such as, e.g., smartphones, tablets, and laptops, they are more and more often used in other areas, e.g.:

  • in industry – as screens in portable measurement devices,
  • in IoT, e.g., in intelligent buildings – these type 4-inch LCDs can be applied in devices used to control, e.g., heating or lighting as well as in devices connected to the network, e.g., various home appliances,
  • in automotive – as screens in the cars’ dashboards.

Check out our shop to get to know other LCDs by Winstar. To order the samples of WF40ETWAA6MNN0 and WF40ESWAA6MNN0 – contact us .


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