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37.6-inch digital signage solutions by AUO

37.6-inch digital signage solutions by AUO

AUO presents more displays with high contrast, a wide range of operating temperatures, and full viewing angles – among them, the 37.6-inch P370IVN04.1 model, which is characterized by exceptionally high brightness (2500 cd/m2). Such specification allows to use it even in intensely lit places. All of them will be perfect for both demanding indoor applications and some outdoor ones.

The described LCDs are great examples of the implementation of hiTNI technology. As a result, the risk of liquid crystals turning black due to the exposure of the LCD to intense sunlight has been significantly reduced. Learn more about how liquid crystals work in our article of Uni’s ABC series.

It should be noted, that each of the models – the aforementioned P370IVN04.1, as well as P370IVN02.2 and P370IVN03.1 – also has a limited operating temperature range. The range from 0°C to 50°C is not applicable in applications exposed to more demanding weather conditions. Additional heating in winter and cooling in summer should be provided if the models are exposed to more severe weather.

AUO’s products are the best for indoor applications thanks to their high contrast ratio (4000: 1) and full readability from any angle. The described LCDs will perform great as vital parts of information systems in both public and the commercial sectors. The long LED lifetime, which in the case of these solutions is 70 000 h, enables reliable operation of the displays in continuous mode, 24/7. That’s almost eight years of trouble-free operation – learn more about LED lifetime here.

The key parameters of the presented products are listed in the table below:

aspect ratio16:4.516:4.516:4.5
active area904.3(H) x 254.3(V) mm904.3(H) x 254.3(V) mm904.3(H) x 254.3(V) mm
brightness700 cd/m21500 cd/m22500 cd/m2
contrast ratio4000:14000:14000:1
viewing direction89°/89°/89°/89°89°/89°/89°/89°89°/89°/89°/89°
surface treatmentAnti-Glare, 3HAnti-Glare, 3HAnti-Glare, 3H
outline dimensions923.30(H) x 277.1(V) x 10.65(D) mm923.30(H) x 277.1(V) x 10.6(D) mm923.30(H) x 277.1(V) x 10.6(D) mm
operating temperature0-50℃0-50℃0-50℃
LED lifetime70 000 h70 000 h70 000 h
weight4592 g4653 g4592 g
specialMVA matrixMVA matrixMVA matrix

Contact us to find out more about products from AUO or about wide-screen displays in general.


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