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Unisystem at TRAKO2019 – report

Unisystem at TRAKO2019 - report

This year the International Railway Fair TRAKO took place in Gdansk for the 13th time. In total, there were over 700 exhibitors representing 30 companies from the whole world. 

We have focused on products dedicated to rail industry such as stretch displays distinguish by non-standard dimensions and industrial computers compatible with certificate EN 50155. We could not miss the e-paper, especially the newest type of display made by E Ink’s – ACeP (Advanced Color e-Paper) which provides incredible color reproduction. 

On Monday, the day before the official opening, while the exhibitors were still constructing their stands, the visitors could listen to the first TRAKO2019’s conferences and seminars. In the next days, the halls have become crowded. It’s worth noticing that the number of visitors is continuously increasing year to year. In 2001 there were barely 3600 visitors. In 2013, for the first time, there were over 10 000 (precisely 12892) visitors, in subsequent years: 2015 – 15473 and 2017 – 16421. We can wonder – if the record will be break again? 

The last day – Friday, was dedicated to pupils and students who want to relate their future with the rail industry. With a view to them, the organizers have prepared a few workshops to support their competences needed in applying for a job.

Thank you for visiting our stand!

Let’s meet at TRAKO in 2021 – September 21-24! 


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