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Technology and business – ten years full of passion

Technology and business – ten years full of passion

For me, the history of Unisystem is most of all a story of great people with whom I work (or used to work), a story of implementing the technologies, and a story of enduring and dynamic development of the company, which I am co-creating. I am proud of all these stories. 

I joined the Unisystem’s team ten years ago by chance. I got to know Unisystem for the first time when I was looking for a display to another project lead by the Centre of Excellence WiComm at the Gdańsk University of Technology. That is how I met Sławek Szweda, who not only convince me to drop out of university (and not get my doctorate) but also join the Unisysystem’s team. That was the moment I saw how Sławek is taking care of not only clients but also employees. 

In those times, the Unisystem’s team was tiny – it was only five people but the best ones in the market, including Jacek, Maciej, and Adam – contemporary sales team members who were working with the most significant electronic devices’ manufacturers in Poland. The most impressive was the Unisystem’s culture – the willingness to help each other, friendliness, and ubiquitous positive attitude (I am entirely confident that it is a credit of Sławek’s character). 

Entering the business was a fascinating journey for me – in 2010, it was a small company focused on commerce. Then, in my opinion, the creation of the RnD department seemed to be an excellent opportunity for Unisystem. In the beginning, I got hired as an Field Application Engineer. I used to handle the problems of Unisystem’s clients connected with technology issues, e.g., the implementation of displays in their devices. I had to share my time between conversations with not only clients and sales, but also Sławek – our afternoon discourses about the development of the company, new projects and ideas, were incentivize. In hindsight, the matters that haven’t changed are work hours and passions – I seriously trying to do my best to leave work after eight hours but it is hard due to my fascination with displays, technology, and business.

In 2012, we created our production department to develop the local manufacturing of modules. Many experts believed that it was an uneconomic mistake as the cost of production was higher than in Asia until they noticed that our clients appreciated our flexibility and efficiency. In these years, the number of employees was growing, e.g., Radek and Tomek joined U-team. Today, we see their significant contribution to the Unisystem’s development. 

The new opportunities let us source new orders. In that time, we not only increased the number of projects but also refined production capabilities. We became a recognizable business partner, not only in Poland but also in Europe. We were continually growing and hiring – the swift rate of change made us think about the new company’s residence. In 2015, we moved to a new company’s headquarters, which became too cramped within four years…

The last five years of extending the company’s competencies enable us to expand on the foreign markets and follow the path of the industry leaders so that we can become the most significant supplier of displays for industrial applications in CEE.

2015 was also crucial for my career advancement – I became a co-owner of Unisystem, which not only mixed my passion for displays, technology, and business but also let me focus on the company’s vision and operations.

Unisystem’s enduring and dynamic growth would not be possible without the values shared by all company’s employees. These are the early days’ rules promoted by Sławek, such as reliability, respectability, righteousness, truthfulness, earnestness, and involvement of all U-Team members.

I want to thank: 

  • all the people with whom I have worked (or I still work) within the last ten years – for your contribution to the company’s development. I derive pleasure from learning from your experience. 
  • all clients and business partners – for your trust, loyalty, and relations, which often convert into something more than just a business relationship. 
  • my wife Ewa, who convinced me to join Unisystem’s team. She is a great listener who evaluates my ideas and advises in the key-issues.
  • my close family, which was always supporting me. 
  • all friendly and helpful people, whose involvement makes Unisystem such a wonderful place to work.

Kamil Kozłowski



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