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Statement regarding current company’s operation

Statement regarding current company’s operation

For over a year, the world is struggling with a COVID-19 pandemic. The current number of coronavirus cases comes to almost 128M. In this statement, you can find crucial information about Unisystem’s operation due to the changing epidemic conditions.

The orders processing

The global effects of the pandemic are also traceable in our business. The world electronics market situation is changing dynamically, also in case of the components’ availability – we still noticing the prolonging lead times. In these conditions, we do our best to improve our order process, informing you about each order procedure step.

We encourage our clients to place framework orders as soon as possible – especially regarding projects in which the critical factor is implementation time. This way, we can minimalize the risk of component shortage and shipment delays. Simultaneously, we want to indicate that due to the dynamic change of prices, we always verify the final cost level before the order acceptance, which may prolong the time of fixing up an offer.

The current company’s operation

We provide safe and healthy working conditions to our employees by, e.g., access to means of personal protection or disinfection measures. We also have implemented several rules and procedures, which let us feel safe in these challenging times for all of us. Our offices are regularly cleaned, ventilated, and disinfected. The minimal distance between the workstations is 1.5 m. According to the recent recommendations of the Ministry of Health, our employees can work remotely or hybrid.

This week, due to the coming Easter Holidays, we work till 2 p.m. on Friday, April 2nd, 2021,. We will be again on call from April 6th, 2021.

We wish health (because now it is a priority), peace, and joy to our clients, business partners, and employees so we can optimistically look into the future any day now. We also want to thank you for your company in this pandemic era, as well as your everyday consideration and encouragement.


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