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Let’s meet at TRAKO2019!

Let’s meet at TRAKO2019!

On September 24-27, 2019 the International Railway Fair TRAKO will take place in Gdansk for the 13th time. It’s one of the most significant events in Europe dedicated to the rail transport industry.

The public transportation users’ needs are increasing. Nowadays, not only punctuality but also comfort matters. It also considers access to the current information about the journey: the time of arrivals and departures, expected delays or subsequent stops on the route.

This year, we will present products designed for visualization of information both in typical transport applications (inside vehicles) as well as modern solutions used in passenger information systems e.g., in buildings or at stations.

At our stand, you would see i.a.:

  • LCD TFT displays which distinguish not only by non-standard sizes but also by parameters e.g., increased brightness,
  • e-paper displays which are becoming more and more popular in the passenger information systems as e.g., timetables,
  • industrial computers, i.a. Advantech’s ones which are compatible with railway certificate.

We believe that you may find exciting new E Ink`s product – a display with ACeP (Advanced Color e-Paper) technology. It provides incredible color reproduction – not seen before on e-paper displays.

Let’s meet at our stand – we will be waiting for you in Hall D, stand 7.


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